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Interview With CherryNickle

Published 15/02/2022

CherryNickle is the perfect milf to relax with after a hard day. She loves nothing better than taking a hot bath, perhaps with a cocktail or two, and as the name suggests, she always enjoys a few cherries. She also loves to dress up, and if you drop some tokens in the chat, she will entertain you with her toys, a titty or bum flash, or a few spanks.

When she’s not performing, CherryNickle loves her food and she also enjoys making sexy videos with her partner. So if you want to unlock some great BJ action, followed by some cum on the body scenes, then head over to her profile right after you’ve checked out her Q&A below.

1. Tell us something about yourself. What are you like when you’re not camming?

I am very much the same! Just with more clothes on, haha! I love being able to just have a laugh and enjoy life!

2. How did you come to CAM4 and what made you start camming?

I Litterally typed into Google, “Become a Cam Girl” and there Cam4 was waiting for me with opening arms! What made me start? Christmas my friend! I’m here to try and pay the debts I got in over the Christmas period! Oops.

3. Voyeur or exhibitionist? Do you have a preference?

Exhibitionist 68% Voyeur 32%. What can I say! I love the attention more, but I do enjoy watching too !

4. Have you ever done something on CAM4 you thought you’d never do?

Yes, All of it! But Especially Using Toys and Engaging Sexual Activity Live!

5. Did camming change anything about your sex life?

OH YES, I feel so much more confident, my sex drive is the highest it has ever been now, I feel fantastic and the sex is amazing!

6. In hindsight, which sexual experience would you have loved to share on CAM4?

Oo would have to be My sex in a forest against a tree with gentle rain drops hitting my skin, Magical!

7. Do you have a favourite sex toy? Can you tell us about it?

My Lush3. She is a love egg but also feels so freaking good on just my clit too!

8. What kind of advice do you have for new performers?

Just be yourself! You will find people love that and this will help you love you again!

9. What is the best thing a viewer has gotten you thus far?

I have not yet recieved anything ! One viewer ordered me something then cancelled it. Don’t feel bad, I’m okay! Haha

10. Can you tell us about the funniest experience you’ve had on CAM4 until now?

I got on cam pretty drunk one night and fell asleep! I then was told I snore loudly when drunk!

11. What hobby’s do you have?

Is Netflix A Hobby? I enjoy that! I like gaming, fishing, singing, dancing and I’m learning to knit!

12. What is your favourite fetish request? Do you have fetishes yourself?

Lame I know but I love a Bad boy/girl. Dominance is very sexy to me!

13. What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?

To tell someone to rub their faecas on them and touch them self after, Yuk! Just not me I’m afraid!

14. In what way did camming have a positive effect on your life?

More Confidence and Socialising!

15. Which other CAM4 performer would you like to meet in real life and why?

Silly Question! Kinky of course, she is so full of life, makes me laugh and is just a Ray of sunshine on a dark day!

16. Do you have any plans to introduce guests to your shows?

Not currently no, I have already got Jason my partner who does shows with me sometimes! Maybe we will find someone one day !

17. When is your favourite time to broadcast?

Down to day time commitments I have; I can only really cam late at night! I occasionally jump on in the day if I can!

18. What can viewers expect from your show?

Lots of fun play, chats, toys, dress up!

19. What is something your viewers don’t know about you and might not expect?

I weighed 24 stone 4 years ago!

20. What can viewers do to make you notice them?

Easy! That would be treating me to something I can have in my home to remind me of them of course! I never forget where or who gifts/items came from!

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