Interview with Berkshireb

Published 06/06/2024

With the increasing popularity of the adult entertainment industry, numerous performers have emerged, each with unique style and perspective. Today, we talk to one such capture, Berkshireb, a performer who not only wields charm on CAM4 but also carries an inviting personality off-screen.

Berkshireb, could you give us an insight into who you are when you’re not in front of the CAM4 camera?

Quiet and calm, believe it or not. Off-screen you’ll catch me walking my dogs or having movie nights in!

Interesting. And how did you come across CAM4? What led you to take up camming?

I was a viewer for many years and then curiosity got the better of me!

Between being a voyeur and an exhibitionist, do you have a personal preference?

Definitely an exhibitionist! I love being the center of attention and showing off.

Has CAM4 ever pushed you into doing something you thought you wouldn’t?

Actually, no!

How has camming altered your personal sex life?

It’s made me much more open and free, to say the least.

In retrospect, what sexual experience do you wish you could have shared with your CAM4 viewers?

Taking cumloads is one that comes to mind.

Most performers usually have a favourite sex toy. Do you have one?

Yes, it’s a big black dildo that, positioned in the right angle, takes me places!

Would you have advice for anyone considering a career as a cam performer?

Be unique and friendly. That’s a surefire key to success.

What’s the most valuable thing a viewer has ever given you?

Confidence! It’s been a game-changer.

Could you share a funny experience you’ve had on CAM4?

Well, there was this one time I was giving a dildo show and everyone in the room was cheering me on. It was the wildest thing!

Away from CAM4, what hobbies or interests do you pursue?

Dog-walking and cooking are my go-to hobbies.

Are there any specific fetish requests you like? Do you have any personal fetishes?

I find being asked to pee quite interesting!

What’s the most bizarre request you’ve ever received on CAM4?

To dribble in closeup was surely a peculiar one.

In what ways has camming had a positive effect on your life?

Camming has given me confidence in all aspects of life.

Is there any fellow CAM4 performer you’d wish to meet in real life?

Edina Fairleigh is someone I’d like to meet.

Do you have plans to bring guests onto your shows?

Yes, in the future I plan to incorporate that into my content.

When can viewers usually catch your broadcasts?

Between 12 to 17:00 is my favourite time to broadcast.

What should viewers expect when they tune into your live shows?

Hairy, dirty, and a whole lot of fun!

Is there something about you that your viewers wouldn’t expect?

Believe it or not, I’m quite musical.

What tips would you give to viewers wanting to grab your attention?

Being friendly, polite, and tipping are sure ways to get my attention.

How do you balance your personal boundaries with viewer requests during a live session?

I am clear and honest, never misleading anyone about what I’m comfortable with.

Are there misconceptions about camming you’d like to address?

You can do what you like!

What’s the most challenging part of being a cam performer and how do you cope with it?

It’s not an easy job. You get out what you put in!

What’s your favourite position?

Lying on my back with my legs up.

How do you aim to differentiate yourself from other performers?

I try to be relatively quiet but dirty and taboo, offering something most do not.

Berkshireb is a testament to the fact that camming can indeed be empowering, liberating, and a source of personal growth. His creative approach and dedication to his work, paired with a lively off-camera personality, make him an intriguing figure in the world of camming entertainment.

Thanks Berkshireb for being so open to us!

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