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Interview With alluring_ALICE

Published 22/02/2021

Interview with the sexy alluring_ALICE – Reading time approx: 5 mins

Sexy Alice is one of our long-standing regular broadcasters, and she sure knows how to turn the Men on! Alice can often be found wearing some of the sexiest outfits, hence why she is called “alluring” Alice here on Cam4. So sit back and relax and read all about the sexy performer behind the cam.

In this interview with the sexy alluring_ALICE
we get to know more about the person behind the cam

Tell us something about yourself. What are you like when you’re not camming?

Typically I’ll be up the yard/farm working (silly hours) complaining how idiotic my horse is. Or sitting on my sofa binging on Netflix’s, swiping right on tinder, while stuffing my face with Jaffa-cakes!

How did you come to CAM4 and what made you start camming?

I originally started camming as a special guest, with a someone from college back in 2011. To which I grew to love the attention, and the secrecy of the exploring my sexuality and own naughty desires. Yet, it was back in 2018 I rebooted myself, and launched into the my own camming experience. I expect, I started due to not getting the satisfaction I needed else where!

Voyeur or exhibitionist? Do you have a preference?

I would say I’m more of an exhibitionist, I love being nude (should be a busiest)! but I’m a sucker for a man on cam with a HOT body and CHEEKY smile.

Have you ever done something on CAM4 you thought you’d never do?

There’s many of things I’ve done on cam that have be hilarious. However, the top picks are sticking ‘frozen chips’ up my pussy while participating in the UK’s CAM4 happy hour or I’ve having a 6ft paddling pool in my front-room (with it filled)!

Did camming change anything about your sex life?

Camming has improved my sex life, it’s more adventurous, rather then the same old routine (oral, foreplay and the the big O). I don’t believe camming has changed much in the bedroom for me, other then realising some partners are rather boring!

In hindsight, which sexual experience would you have loved to share on CAM4?

It’s a toss up between either sex, while out bailing the fields or the session I had on 27th birthday. Both ended it anal!

Do you have a favourite sex toy? Can you tell us about it?

If a man can count as a sex toy. Then I’m choosing him! I love real sick, I don’t care about the size or girth. As long as it can give me pleasure; I’ll ride it, suck it.

What kind of advice do you have for new performers?

Don’t take camming to seriously, have fun and explore yourself! If you get stuck, message the CAM4 QUEEN (KINKY). That women is amazing and has saved my ass to many times to count!

What hobby’s do you have?

Anything agricultural; farming, animals, shooting and horse riding. If I’m not in tweed or covered in animal shit/mud. I’ll be up a ladder, decorating!

In what way did camming have a positive effect on your life?

I believe, it’s given a positive effect on my confidence! I used to think I needed to be a size 6, blonde and stunning beautiful to get any attention. Yet; I can just be either my quiet, charming self or the crazy, chubby twat (who’s stuffing her face)!

Which other CAM4 performer would you like to meet in real life and why?

Oh, there’s so many! From fuckduck_, Alphadom100 & Piloprincess (I’ve got the hots of Pilo)!

Do you have any plans to introduce guests to your show?

If and when the time is right. I’ve learned from past mistakes! I need the correct people to cam with… I need someone who energetic, mad and somewhat patient!

When is your favourite time to broadcast?

I don’t have a particular favourite time to broadcast, since my fans/viewers.

What is something your viewers don’t know about you and might not expect?

Most would believe I’m a massive slut (lol) due to conversations and bizarre things I can get up too. However, I’m rather shy & an idiot. I’m not as outrageous in person!

What can viewers do to make you notice them?

Being humble, decent conversation and no demands. I don’t care about tokens (they are just a bonus)!

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