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Interview Carly Rae Summers

Published 13/02/2024

Having teamed up with the incredible Carly Rae Summers for our MyShop Video contest, we knew it was essential to provide a stunning introduction to the event and some background on the superstar herself. If you haven’t encountered her on PornHub yet, brace yourself—you’re about to become a devoted fan, just like us!

Carly Rae Summers, a renowned figure within the adult entertainment landscape, shares her journey, experiences, and aspirations in a frank discussion that extends beyond conventional views of this industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry?

I’m going to Frank, I watched a lot of lesbian porn growing up and it fascinated me. Binge watching the three 30 second previews “Welivetogether.com” offered daily. I thought the women looked beautiful and we’re living their best life. I admired them almost. This thought was confirmed when I secretly thought I’d win “Most likely to be a Pornstar ” in my High school yearbook. A thought no one else in my year certainly shared. 

I never thought it was ever a possibility however, a dream career that was surrounded in mystery. After some advice from a stranger on the Internet that said “I’ve got slutty pictures and should get into porn”, who dubbed me with the name Carly, I set myself up webcamming. Which in turn got me my first content share and amateur shoots. From there the rest is history. 

Can you describe a typical day in the life of Carly Rae Summers?

A typical day in the office is often spent working from home, a backdrop many have become familiar in my Reaction videos. I try to plan and organise my outfits the night before. So that once my face is on, I can get to work setting up my camera, lights and crack on with my filming for the day. Between my Product Reviews, Reaction videos and Custom Content my todo list is chocka full. So I’ve always got something exciting to do. Be that a simple solo or sitting in a paddling pool with armbands on and a swimsuit. My fans keep things interesting! 

Once my filming for the day is done I give myself a “well deserved” break before cracking on with any office bits. And repeating the process all over again. 

What misconceptions do you think people have about adult performers, and how do you address them? 

One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve come across is that girls” need to have a designer vagina”. I don’t think people often realise what a variety we have.

CAM4 - Carly Rae Summers MyShop Video contest

How do you prioritise your mental and emotional well-being in a profession that can be challenging?

I haven’t always prioritised my mental and emotional well being, and this hit me hard when I spent three years in the country hopping for work. I was exhausted and unmotivated. Utterly burnt out. I took the time to set up my own production company, which not only simplified things but also eradicated the need to travel so often for shoots. Taking time to focus on my own personal platforms, Houseofrae and my Onlyfans really allowed me to feel grounded again. And taught me that Fingering myself is as financially beneficial as taking Dongs in Europe! 

Can you discuss any projects or initiatives outside of adult entertainment that you’re passionate about?

Would you believe it if I told you I have three jobs? Outside of being Carly Rae Summers, I’ve spent my weekends the last 8 years running Bachelor parties. Either taking men out on Bladdering Bar Crawls or Spending the afternoon drawing me naked in Life Drawing classes. I adore working in the entertainment and hospitality industries (and if I’m lucky, drinking for free – Don’t tell my boss!). Making memories and showing up to 40 lads a night is a good time. 

What do you hope to achieve or contribute through your work in the industry?

It’s the ultimate cliche but I grew up wanting to be famous. A premise that has been widely accepted by many viewing my Reaction content. To have fun and be goofy. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretending to be someone else for the day. But being my authentic self. That’s my legacy. 

If you jumped in a time machine and went back to when you first started, what advice would you give to yourself starting out? 

If I could go back and offer myself one piece of advice, it would be to spend less time hung up and comparing yourself to others. You might not be skinny or blonde enough for some companies, but others will accept you, wacky hair colours and all. 

Tell us one of the funniest, most surprising, or sweetest stories you have heard during your time in the industry.

My sweetest story doesn’t start out the prettiest but sums up the My experience of the industry. I haven’t always had the most supportive boyfriends and it was one of those days on set where his problems became mine. I was a mess, tears and all.

I’ve never been more welcomed, supported and looked after with open arms. From the girls I was working with, to the director and cameraman. Everyone ensured that I received “special treatment” and made my day 1000% better. I learnt then, that even on a bad day the industry has my back. 

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

Invisibility of course! Or an invisibility coat will do. I can only imagine the carnage that I’d cause… Maybe I’d be more suited as an antihero.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The best/worst of advice I’ve received was on set with Brazzers. When the make-up artist informed me that I’d been wearing the wrong shade of foundation for years. And needed to go a shade lighter. Damn my pale pale skin. 

No more orange foundation for me. 

And to always take your own foundation abroad. My shade of pale doesn’t even exist in Spain! – I’ve been met by many confused MUAs over the years.

What’s your favourite way to be seduced?

I’m all about sensuality. Touch, Feel, Foreplay is a must. Kissing the nape of my neck, the feel of a wet tongue as it teases down my body. My Panties are dropping at even the mere thought. 

Explain what being the #1 Reactor on Pornhub means? What does it entail?

Reaction videos aren’t a new concept in the world of youtube but I’d never seen or heard of it within adult entertainment. And ghee, I never expected it to take off so much. When I was approached by Pornforce in 2020 with the concept of reaction to their content, all parties involved were sceptical. Would this idea ever work?! Testing the water first with all my clothes on, putting my vocal cords to work. It was an instant hit. With my attitude and British accent bringing viewers back for more. 

Each month I aim to release 1/2 videos onto my PH account. With multi video reactions commissioned by companies, one offs and Collaborations with toy companies. I’ll be honest with you, I used to be sceptical about uploading my Content onto a Free streaming site. Now I would recommend it to anyone. 

What started off as a little side project, has turned into a career. 

So, you have made it onto mainstream TV (BBC3, Channel 5 etc), what was that for? How did it come about? And what was the general reaction?

My TV appearances were during a time where the industry was very closed off about talking to press, and quite rightly in most cases. I wanted to be a voice and share my experiences. Both good, bad and down right knackering. My BBC3 documentary is my biggest challenge of them all.

I applied to be part of a show focusing on 5 student sex workers, which boiled down to being my own personal documentary, after the producers decided my story was the most exciting. And was one of the first times a TV studio had been let in behind the scenes.

I spend almost 6 months with the team filming almost everyday. Which by the end was honestly draining. The women I worked with were so supportive however and I was included every step of the way. Even having final say on the cut (which is incredibly rare). They wanted it to be something not only they were proud of, but me too. 

In recent years I’ve become synonymously known as the reaction girl, so it always takes me pleasantly by surprise when someone brings up that they loved my documentary. Like damn, you’ve known who I am for 8 years?!

Carly, how did you initially get involved in the adult entertainment industry and what led you to become the number one reactor on Pornhub?

I entered the industry 2 months before my 20th birthday. Starting off by arranging content, share shoots with fellow new performers. I used these as an opportunity to show off my skill set. Which in turn brought attention on me from amateur production companies. I used to spend hours emailing and tweeting companies in hope that one day I’d be taken seriously by professional companies. With eventual success. The DDF network took a chance on me, flew me to Budapest for a week and that’s where my career really started. I remember being so nervous, but as they booked me with another British beauty I was quickly made to feel at home. With continued graft and pestering “book me” messages, my career took off from here. Spending every other day in a different European country filming for some of the biggest companies. It was a real special time in my life and I finally felt like I’d made it. 

It wasn’t until I took a step back from working abroad that my own personal brand was born. And my love for self producing, directing, filming and well everything transpired. 

Your videos are not only entertaining, they’re also educational, and helps to normalise adult work. How important is it to you to educate your viewers about the adult industry?

Education you say? I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me, nor have I thought as such. But now we’re on the topic, I think you may have a good point!

The world and its perceptions of adult workers is very different to when I started out. With the rise of fan subscription platforms, the idea of watching and paying for adult content has become far more normalised. I like to believe that my Reaction series works as a bridge between the real world and the “dark underbelly”. There’s something so intriguing about hearing someone discuss frankly about porn. Listening to opinions outside of your own that you probably wouldn’t ordinarily hear. After all, how many of us really chat to friends about what we’ve been cracking one out over. 

I always thought I’d make a great sex Ed teacher or therapist, does this mean I’m halfway there?! 

As a successful reactor in the adult industry, what advice do you have for newcomers in the adult industry?

As tempting as it is to show all too the world on twitter etc. Shadowbanning is an utter bitch. My biggest piece of advice is keep your profiles “clean” as this is where most of your traffic will originate. Take it from someone that’s been stuck on 100k for the last 3 years. It’s no fun watching your content search/shadow banned. That sexy picture in lingerie could be more beneficial than sticking a cock in your arse on TL. 

And another actually. You don’t need to show your face if you are self producing! There are some incredibly successful stars that have their identity concealed. Take a look at the top ten on PH. A girl I follow only did a face reveal once she started making 10k a month. Which is crazy money. So let your inner freak show, if making porn turns you on. The world wants to see it. 

You’re teaming up with CAM4 to host the Myshop video contest. Can you tell us more about this project and what you’re most excited about?

I was approached by Cam4 with the idea to host their contest and how could I say no. The opportunity to react to creators known and unknown. 

This is the public’s chance to submit their sexiest homemade video to win prizes and be “Reacted” too. I’ll be picking my favourites and producing a one of a kind compilation video and revealing my Winner (Although I’m sure you’ll be able to tell as it’s happening). 

I can’t wait to sit back and experience the MyshopVideo content Entries. 

In your opinion, what makes an amateur video ‘sexy’ without crossing the line that makes it real porn? 

Personality over looks, is what makes an amateur video sexy in my opinion. There’s nothing better than seeing a creator smile from ear to ear, knowing that they’re having an amazing day. I watch videos because I like an individual’s energy over the video content.

Between filming, editing, and hosting contests, how do you unwind and relax?

I say this with way too much pride, I’m a dirty smoker and I’ve made it my personality. I spent most nights sitting on my “wish it was fat arse”, playing games (Sims Wicked whims – if you know you know) and binge watching series. Or glued to my computer updating my platforms and sourcing ideas. 

I’m a drum and bass girl , so going to gigs and raves are my happy places. I try to have at least one fun activity booked each month. 

Your job involves a lot of creativity. What are some of the sources you draw inspiration from?

More often than not, my ideas are Fan and experience inspired. What can I say, you’ve all corrupted my brain over the years. If I’m stuck on a unique idea I’ll send out a Mass DM, run an opinion poll or have a cheeky perv at clip sites. 

I’ve had custom order requests before sending scripts, much like those on pro sets including much detail. It’s great and really takes the pressure off me thinking of something unique. I hate feeling like I’m filming the same/similar videos again and again. This job is all about creativity and I strive to produce content that showcases my abilities. 

We love Carly Rae Summers!

Carly Rae Summers is more than a name or a persona in the adult entertainment industry; she is a voice echoing authenticity, a beacon of empowerment, and a source of inspiration. Behind the captivating persona lies an individual who is unapologetically herself, a trailblazer in her own right. Carly’s journey is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and the breadth of her ambition.

Her bubbly energy, warm personality, and unwavering dedication make her a beloved figure among her fans. Whether she’s lighting up the screen with her entertaining Reaction videos, advocating for self-care, or sharing candid advice with newcomers in the industry, Carly embodies honesty, empathy, and a unique charm that resonates with all.

Carly Rae Summers is, indeed, a shining star in the industry – not just for the role she plays, but for the person she is. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us all to embrace who we are and live our lives with authenticity and courage. Here’s to Carly!

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