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Get Nikki Night Naked: Cum for Charity

Published 02/10/2014

Who knew Officer BJ was such a softie? This month it’s her 31st birthday (and yes she does celebrate for the entire month) and she’s asking for your help! If she raises $5,000 before October 29th she’ll do a public cum show – she’ll be donating all of the money to a wonderful charity that helps people in Uganda and Malawi.

Right now we’re at $705, which means we still need your help! You can send Nikki any CAM4 gifts, even if it’s just a 5 or 10 token gift it’ll be greatly appreciated. She’s worked hard at being our coach, so let’s make sure she has a great birthday 😉

How to get Nikki naked:

1. Send any CAM4 gift to her Nikki Night profile

2. Subscribe to Nikki Night and watch her live, public cum show on October 29th

Fundraising will continue for the month of October, and we encourage you to spread the word on Twitter or to your fellow CAM4 users!

For updates follow @nikki_night on Twitter. Let’s get her naked!

Get Nikki Night to $5,000!

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