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French Sex – Tour de France

Published 20/11/2023

What is French Sex? On the French tour, sex the French way! Our friends from beautiful France are known for their passionate pleasure. But how does French sex actually work? What does it actually entail, and is it something the Dutch could also enjoy? Everyone knows Greek sex by now, and Spanish sex was also discussed recently, by the way, do you already know Italian sex or Russian eroticism?

That goes for tempting smelling food and fine drops from the wine cellar, those can also be the right ingredients for good sex. We took a closer look at French sex and reported on what makes this sex practice so popular beyond the country’s borders. Let’s explore further in the French way!

On the French tour?

French Kissing, or tongue kissing, already makes you want more, because here the tongue is passionately involved, if there’s anything that can make for a good warm-up it’s definitely a horny tongue kiss! And – oh là là – so much more can be done with the tongue. French sex is oral sex that indulges the erogenous zones of both sexes.

The woman or man leaves the playing field to the other and simply surrenders with pleasure. This requires a certain amount of trust and makes the experience all the more intense for both.

And of course, French sex also has one or two erotic variations that we certainly don’t want to keep from you …. Because executed freely, this does represent the pinnacle of cumming together!

The woman in the passive role

Also called cunnilingus, the woman allows herself to be pampered. The man gets the opportunity to observe his partner with all his senses and to give her vulva and vagina all the attention and explore them completely.

With skillful fingers, tender lips and a sometimes gentle, sometimes compelling tongue, he brings his partner into ecstasy little by little. This is not a quick number, but oral sex according to all the rules of the art. Did you also know that when the man has a beard or mustache, this can actually provide extra stimulation? Sometimes certain stimulations give just that little bit extra during the extended kissing!

The man in the passive role

Here the woman indulges the man, which is also called fellatio. glans, penis and testicles may be pampered here with skillful tongues, massaging hands, tender fingers and loving lips.

Be careful with your teeth – if you do, use them with extreme caution! Some men like a little pain, others not at all. Really, don’t just bite his penis or his balls, this can cause great panic if it happens to the wrong one. The same goes for putting your testicles in your mouth.

The legendary blowjob also involves the woman taking her partner’s penis into her mouth. How far she wants to go with that is up to her (deeptroath or not), as is the answer to whether or not he can come in her mouth.

What are the sex positions and sex customs for French sex?

French sex can also be varied. Which position you prefer depends on part of whether you want to indulge yourself at the same time or devote all your attention to your partner. Here are some examples:

Do you want to concentrate completely on your partner?

This works very well if he or she is lying on his or her back and the pamperer makes it comfortable between the woman’s or man’s legs. Sometimes it is also advisable to place a pillow under the buttocks of the person undergoing it.

During fellatio, the woman can also sit on a chair or the edge of a table and slide slightly forward with her pelvis tilted. Some men enjoy fellatio standing while she kneels in front of him. There are hardly any limits to the imagination when it comes to positions, when you consider how many positions you can do… Nothing is too crazy, just give it a try!

Want to pamper yourself at the same time?

Soixante neuf! Then the famous 69 position is definitely recommended. You have to pay attention, though, because the timing of your ecstasy will probably be different and you will simultaneously please your partner on the way to your own ecstasy.

You can also enjoy French sex in the 69 position simply as foreplay to get each other in the mood. During this ensuing intercourse, you can then let yourself go together without worrying about neglecting her/him.

A great start to your sexual adventure, this way no one is short of anything, and you can let yourselves go completely.

Indulge and enjoy.

French sex is a sexual practice that allows you to become physically and emotionally intimate. Indulging and being indulged – with oral indulgence you can explore extensively, the perfect path to ecstasy for you and your partner!

So it is no wonder, that this way for one of the most beautiful things in the world, is mega popular worldwide. By figuring out this fun international sex, how not to get bored.

Such an international sex life certainly makes the variety more fun, and of course it does not matter at all what it is called. French-style, Greek-style, Italian-style, Russian-style, Dutch-style, it’s just a name or expression for a favorite subject in life. We think the most important thing is to have fun!

Variety with sex, is less likely to cause a rut in your relationship, this way you put the effort back into each other and each other’s orgasm.

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