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Exposing Yourself On Social Media

Published 24/03/2016

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that gives you the tools you need to get more viewers (and turn those viewers into loyal fans).

Good Social Media Practices

Constant Content!

The more you post, the more people see you. Don’t limit yourself to just words! Post pictures and videos if you really want to grab attention.

A Strong Bio

Write a profile that lets people know who you are and what you are about. I know it can be weird writing about yourself, but it makes a big difference.

TIP: When writing about yourself think about your favorite celebrity and ask yourself “What would I want to know about them?”

Start Linking Yourself

Let people know where they can find you. Include your CAM4 URL in every bio and put it in every possible tweet. This makes it easy for viewers to join your room, all they have to do is click on the link!


Whenever possible, use hashtags (#) on ALL your social media platforms (not just Twitter). Make sure you use the same hashtags on all of your profiles – this connects all your profiles together and makes them easier to search. Use relevant hashtags that have to do with your personality and show.

You should start your own hashtag as well – when you click on a hashtagged word on any social media platform, a list of every post containing that hashtag is pulled up. This will let you see who is using your hashtag and what they are saying. The more its used, the easier it is to find in a search – so use it often! #nikkinight #cam4 #hashtagsareawesome!

Promote Your Mentions!

Retweet or Reblog almost everything that is said about you on social media. If you have a blog, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, or a Facebook fanpage you need to make sure to share all your profiles on each – you want people to be following you everywhere possible.

When you see you have a new follower, send them a message saying thank you and ask them if they could go through your pics and like the ones that are their favourite. You can get a program that will do this for you to save you work.

Social Media Platforms That Are Available To You



  • Downloaded app for your phone only
  • Find and add friends by username (no phone # shared)
  • Allows ALL nudity
  • Send individual snaps or make stories that all your friends can see
  • Individual snaps self-destruct instantly after viewing them
  • Snapchat stories last for 24hrs then disappear


  • Sign up on website and download app for phone
  • People find you by username or a shareable link
  • Allows ALL nudity
  • It’s like having your own sex blog
  • Post pictures and videos with hashtags
  • Option of having private galleries of pics and videos


  • Sign up on website and download app for phone
  • Find friends by username or sharable link
  • Does not allow nudity
  • You can make a full profile or a fan page
  • Post pictures and videos with hashtags
  • Use separate email with fake name to make a new account for privacy



  • Download for app for IPhone or Android only
  • Find people with username (no phone # shared)
  • Does not allow nudity
  • Post pictures and videos with hashtags
  • Only allows one account per phone


  • Sign up on website and download app for phone
  • Find people with username
  • Allows ALL nudity
  • Post pictures and videos with hashtags
  • Can lock account for added privacy


Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding Nikki as a friend on Cam4 and following her on Twitter @nikki_night


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