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Erogenic zones of the woman

Published 09/10/2023

Want to discover erogenous zones in women? It turns out that you can also excite a woman by touching zones not known as classic erogenous zones!

The erogenous zones are not limited to the genitals. They can also include the buttocks, inner thighs, breasts and nipples, mouth, neck, and vagina and clitoris. But there are many more spots.

Kissing, caressing, massaging or otherwise playing with these can induce sexual desire. Visual and auditory stimulation can also lead to arousal.

To make your wife completely happy, you might consider trying new parts of her body (and not just her private parts!).

What exactly is an Erogenic Zone?

Let’s get the science out of the way: an erogenous zone is a place on the body that is very sensitive to stimulation and arousal. So when these parts are touched, they can trigger sexual feelings. Although erogenous zones may differ in everyone, there are also erogenous zones that are similar in many people. Lovers or sex partners who have been together for a long time probably know which spots to touch to get their partner in “the mood. For people who have not been going to bed with each other for very long, it can literally take some time to explore. You can at least put these specific zones on your list.

We name only forgotten erogenous zones, but also some erogenous zones that are more familiar.

The mouth

One of the erogenous zones you might not expect, but which also responds sensitively to touch. You could try going beyond just kissing. Try stroking her lips slowly with your finger, or take a little more time to kiss her and try varying the force and intensity. See if you see changes in her reaction. Sensual kisses are the first step to seducing her. Kissing and touching your partner is very loving. A long tongue kiss can also be perceived as very arousing.

Face in general

Besides your lips, there are sensitive areas on your face, such as your cheeks, forehead and even eyelids. Try closing your eyes while your partner gently kisses your face on these sensitive areas. You will be surprised what that little extra intimacy can do; you quickly become extra sensitive. Many women love to be gently caressed with fingers on this sensitive area.

The face, neck and scalp

Stand behind her, slowly massage her shoulders and then slowly kiss along her neck. This particular part of her body is full of receptors that respond to light touch, so tender kisses or even just your breath on her skin are enough to seduce her. This way of getting close to her is very sensual and intimate. Kisses and even licks on the neck many find pleasurable.

There are also plenty of ladies who are more sensitive to some harder work on the neck. This includes biting, sucking (beware of hickeys) and even, slightly more extreme, hands around their necks. Some women get horny from this, but never do this without discussing it first, and pay very close attention to the signals she sends!

Most women really enjoy being stroked by their hair. Many enjoy having their hair washed and massaged at the same time.

The ears

Do you know that just the sound of your breathing in her ear can excite her? The ears are naturally one of the most sensitive part of her body and open two possibilities: You can stimulate them by sound and by touch. Take her earlobes between your lips or even lightly between your teeth. Although you wouldn’t immediately think of it, this can feel very good to her. The ear is really an erotic spot. Many women like it when their partner nibbles their ear and whispers softly into it. A kind of g-spot on your head, full of sexual simulation, there are even people (men and women) who orgasm from this.


This is a hit or miss. Some hate it when someone touches their feet, others love it. If you’ve never tried it before, give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you too will go wild when someone sucks your toe. By the way, the same goes for the bottom of the sole of the foot. Fingers and toes contain many nerve endings. Kissing them can be very exciting. All the nerve endings in the sole of the foot are connected to the rest of the body. One of the unknown erotic spots.

Abdomen and back

If you gently kiss from the neck down to the lower abdomen it can create extra tension. If you kiss, caress or lick around the navel and possibly make circular movements, it can provide a lot of sexual stimulation. Like certain parts of the face, the abdomen is a vulnerable area. The sides are especially sensitive. Depending on how comfortable a woman feels with this, the abdomen can also be an ideal spot for some extra stimulation.

The back can be caressed, massaged or kissed. You can also use massage oil to make the game even more intense. The muscles in the back are often tense due to stress, loosening them with a massage not only helps you relax but can also lead to an arousing feeling.

Breasts, thighs and vagina for sexual arousal

Stroking, massaging and kissing the breasts is considered very pleasurable by many women. Sucking on the nipple can also please a woman.

Another erogenous zone that really should not be forgotten. Your partner can start kissing your thighs just above your knees and go higher and higher. The skin on the inside of the thighs is very thin. This is also why it is so sensitive.

Vagina and clitoris are the spots where you can bring a woman to her highest point of pleasure. If you touch or caress a woman’s clitoris, there is a chance that she will enjoy and cum to the fullest.

Known erogenous zones not to forget

Remember that every woman is different. Always check if your lover likes it and also be careful.

The nipples are just a little more popular than the area around or between the breasts. Although you should certainly not neglect the latter area, the skin is very sensitive there too. Let your partner gently tease you between your breasts first, before moving to your nipples.

Any place where the skin is thin and sensitive is a possible erogenous zone. Thus, although this is not the case for everyone, the insides of your wrists and the crease of your knees can also be. Ask your partner to gently tickle them during foreplay.

In both men and women, the buttocks are a place where an awful lot of nerves come together. That means the buttocks are very sensitive to all types of touch. She may love it when you caress, massage or lick her buttocks.

The mind, the biggest erogenous zone

Now for the last and one of the most important erogenous zones: her mind. You can work on her body as much as you want, but if she does not feel comfortable in her mind, she will not be able to have fun. She needs to feel that she can be comfortable with you and trust you, only then can she really let go and you can have a lot of fun.

Find out what your favorite erogenous zones are, where do you yourself like to be gently touched? What place do you like to be gently caressed?

We wish you lots of fun trying out our tips and finding the right erogenous zone 😉

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