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Being a cam performer living in Australia sometimes comes with certain challenges. Dealing with time zones can be tricky enough, but receiving your money without having to pay high fees can turn out to be very difficult. Most cam platforms will offer you payout through Paxum (who charge Australians a very high fee) or offer payout through bank transfer (but with minimum payout over $1000 USD…)

CAM4 is proud to offer a custom payout solution – exclusively available to Australian CAM4 broadcasters:

  • Automatic Monthly Payouts directly into your Australian bank account.
  • We charge NO fees!
  • No need to register or signup anywhere but CAM4 itself.

Because this payout method is offered to Australian residents only you won’t find it on our regular payout page – to prevent confusion for other broadcasters.

If you are a CAM4 broadcaster living in Australia and you want to know more, please contact us in the chat bubble on CAM4.

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