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Published 29/05/2024

There are various tools that you as a broadcaster can use in the broadcasting window on CAM4. The tip menu is one of them.

The tip menu has become a big hit on CAM4 among broadcasters, and we understand why! Being able to easily set rates in tokens for a specific service makes it easier for you as a broadcaster to provide information to your tippers.

What is the tip menu?

The CAM4 Tip Menu is a fun tool that allows you to create a customized list of services with the corresponding tip amount a viewer must pay to have you perform the service during your show. We recently upgraded the functionality of our tip menu for easy setup and easy access for viewers. Broadcasters who have launched their own tip menus have reported increased activity and ultimately increased revenue!

Benefits of a tip menu

  • The tip menu items are an easily customizable list that you manage yourself and can change/update at any time
  • Your viewers know exactly what they can tip for each service without having to ask.
  • You don’t need to create/include HTML bio in your profile design of Canva/photoshop
  • Tip menu is easily accessible via your profile during each show
  • Quick and easy setup of the tip menu
  • The easier it is for your viewers to tip and get what they want, the greater the chance they will tip.

Tips and ideas for designing your perfect Tip menu!

The Classic

customizing tip menu on cam4

The classic Tip menu is seen in most rooms. But that doesn’t make it any less boring! As a broadcaster, you put in what you suspect or know is popular. For example, it’s common to introduce varying flashes to make it easier for the viewer if they wonder how much a boob flash costs. PM (Private Message) can also be smart to include in your tip menu, as you can always refer to it if the question comes up in your chat.

TIP: Always add something that stands out and maybe is slightly more expensive in price, like a video or something else unique. This gives those with more tokens options to spend more. It also goes the other way, something cheaper gives those with fewer tokens the feeling that they can contribute and spend what little they have.

The Daredevil

daring tip menu

Truth or Dare, we’ve all played this in our lives. So why not add it to CAM4! Of course, this is only for the bravest broadcasters, as you leave the outcome entirely up to your viewers. Do you dare?

The Creative

creative tip menu

Be daring and stand out! Add options that you don’t often see with other broadcasters. Entertain your viewers with new content that makes your show unique and special. Vary your prices to cater to all your viewers.

Quick Trade

cam4 tipping tip menu

You can always try to have a low price at some point for all your options in the tipping menu. Of course, it will be fewer tokens for each activity, but oh what a lively show you will have! Choose options here that you think are fun, but that you can do for the amount you’ve set. You might consider making your Flash slightly shorter than usual here.


Ultimately, the tip menu is a tool that, no matter how you use it, is good to always have active. Don’t get stuck in the same rut where you never vary and change the options.

Keep in mind that a good tip menu can change and contribute a lot to your show!

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