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Getting Approved On CAM4

Getting Approved On CAM4

You are always allowed to perform and accept tips on CAM4 but you have to be an approved performer to cash those tokens out. Here is how you get approved on CAM4Bucks.




As soon as you make an account on CAM4 you automatically have a CAM4Bucks account. You can access it at any time by clicking ‘Cam4bucks’ on the CAM4 homepage toolbar. Use your CAM4 login to sign in to CAM4Bucks.





You will be taken to the CAM4Bucks dashboard where you will be able to upload your I.D. and Performer Release Form by clicking the highlighted ‘here‘ at the end of the explanation text seen above.







Next you need to upload your identification. You can upload an existing picture of your identification or take a picture of it using your webcam.







To use your webcam press ‘Start Cam’ and your webcam will turn on for you to use this option.







You will need to take a picture of both the front AND back of your ID.





Next you have to digitally sign your Performer Release Form.





Once these two steps are done, you will have the option to add another person’s I.D. on your account. ALL people who are seen in your show must submit I.D. in order for you to cash out.

You can also add another persons I.D. under ‘Performer Details’

Once you have finished these steps, all you need to do is go broadcast! Once we have confirmed you’re of legal age  we can change






to THIS!

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