The world's first Virtual Reality cam girl and Head of CAM4VR.

Porn Star. Performer Advocate. VR Pioneer.

"VR live cams let people have a much more personal porn viewing experience. That's what I love about Virtual Reality, and why I’m such a big advocate for VR porn." — ELA DARLING


Ela isn't a conventional adult personality. She earned her Master's degree at 21 and was a reference librarian before entering the adult industry.

She still has great respect for libraries and tries to support them. "Librarians have gone to jail to defend our rights to consume information without censorship. Librarians are pretty badass."


Since entering the industry in 2009, Ela has become an outspoken activist for adult performers.

She is currently serving as the President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) and is on the committee for the Performer Availability Scheduling Service (PASS).

Ela is an active opponent of the oppresive California Prop 60, a harmful law regulating the adult industry. "Prop 60 puts cam girls and other adult stars at risk by potentially exposing their personal information to the public – including stalkers".

She was chosen as the sole adult industry representative to speak on the proposition at the California Democratic Convention, and has met with several senators and legislators on behalf of adult performers who oppose the measure.

Virtual Reality

Ela has been a trailblazer in the world of VR. VRTube.xxx, the company she co-founded in 2014, has produced all kinds of exciting VR content – from VR porn to dating simulators.

For her achievements, she has been listed among the top executives in the Virtual Reality industry by Haptical.

Today Ela is Head of CAM4VR, working hard to bring the first full 360 3D VR live cam experience to the world.

Fun Facts

  • In her free time, Ela plays Dungeons and Dragons with other smutty friends.
  • Ela was part of a circus sideshow while in college!
  • Amortentia! Ela has the Dewey decimal number for Harry Potter tattooed on her back. She even cosplays at Comic Con and Harry Potter conventions as Luna Lovegood!

Ela's Timeline


Ela earned her Bachelor's degree


Ela earned her Master's degree


October: Ela's first 'solo' porn scene


Began adult industry activism


Co-founded VRTube

April: Produced first VR pre-recorded porn video

August: Shot the first 3D 360 porn video

Winter: Elected secretary of the board of directors for APCA


July: World's first VR cam show and Ela becomes the first VR cam girl

November: Won Best Fetish Model - LA Fetish Film Festival


January: Won Performer of the Year - Free Speech Coalition

March: Announced partnership with CAM4

May: CAM4VR was officially launched! (Ela performed the first VR show on CAM4)


October: Ela's seventh "pornaversary"


Ela In The Media

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