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Save Your Shows With A Superhero Costume

Putting on a great show is about having fun with confidence – and what better way to feel sexy and powerful than to dress up as a superhero?

Tips For Putting On A Super Show

Create a costume

Every superhero needs a costume (except maybe Thor – he's hot enough as is). Your costume says a lot about you and what kind of hero you are, but that doesn't mean it can't still be super sexy!

Here are a few tips for making a costume you'll keep saving cam shows with:

  • Use leggings or tights for your legs, or even your upper body by putting your arms through the legs and cutting out the crotch for your head.
  • Add a bandana to your head, arms or legs as an accent.
  • Make a cape from either a blanket, pillow case or old fabric you have around the house.
  • Add a futuristic look to your character by wrapping parts of your body with LED cord lights, plastic tubing, old wires or cords you are not using (make sure they are not wrapped around your neck for safety).
  • Use cardboard to build a bodysuit or headpiece.
  • Glue old lightbulbs to your costume.
  • Use an old Halloween mask or make one out of fabric or cardboard.

PRO TIP: Halloween is a great time to stock up on cheap costume times that you can use all through the year.


It is always fun to have a story about your characters on cam – having a backstory will help you get into the character easier... and your fans will love to hear and add to the story!

Here are some tips to help you create your super backstory:

  • Have a fun sexy name. Captain Spank, The Amazing Vibro-Girl.
  • Create super powers for your character. A dildo that makes enemies tell the truth. A vibrator made of adamantium. Super-boobs!
  • Create a cute story about how you came to be. You were radiated by a gamma-powered webcam!
  • Have a tip amount that activates one of your superpowers. If you are a robot 10 tokens will make you show off your robot dance moves.
  • Dress up one of your toys as your side kick for the show.
  • Give your toys or room a name that is on theme with your character.
  • Doing a couple show? Turn your partner a fun sidekick or villain to really kick the story into high gear. "I've caught the dastardly evil CFNM-Man. What should I do with him?"



~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love your CAM4 Coaching Team