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Role Playing

carastgermainBeing a performer on CAM4 allows you the ability to bring your fantasies to life in any way you choose. Whether it’s a French maid, lumberjack, pizza delivery guy, or an alien you dreamed up from another dimension, you are in total control of how the situation plays out which may be the reason role playing is so popular.

They key to a successful role play is confidence, really get into your character and go for it.

Ideas For Role Playing Shows


College Student
Being a naughty college student experimenting with sex is a very popular role play. Regardless if you are male or female you can pull this one off quite easily, you don’t even need a special outfit if you don’t have one. 

Play The Role

  • You are a student who is performing to make money for school.
  • You are trying to seduce your professor for better grades.
  • You are at a dorm party and trying new sexual things for the first time.
  • Fans can be fellow classmates or professors.
  • You are kind of nerdy and your fans are asking you to do things for the first time and you are kind of timid.
  • You can be innocent or naughty in this role play.

Fantasy World Hero

Fantasy shows have made this a very popular role play recently. Let yourself be someone from a different world whose only goal in life is to save and protect your fans from the forces of evil.

Play The Role

  • You are preparing to leave for a battle and need one last cum before you go.
  • You show off your weapons and flex your toned body from battle.
  • You stay in full character and share battle stories and stories of the people you bedded along the way.
  • You have come to save a fan from certain death.


This role play is fun because you get to dance and wear those super tiny outfits that we all love.

Play The Role

  • You are in a dark bar stripping for a fan.
  • You have to strip to pay for school.
  • You know the fan and they have just caught you dancing in a strip club.
  • Show off all your dance moves with a bit more attitude.


Pro Athlete 

Play The Role

  • You are all sweaty after practice in the locker room.
  • You are in the locker room showers talking about the other players and how you are either looking, or trying to hide the fact that you are looking.
  • You and a group of performers are in the locker room and have a group sex situation.
  • You are training for your sport and you have an encounter at the gym, with your trainer, coach, or physical therapist.
  • You have an unexpected sexual encounter with one of your team mates and now they are making you fuck the whole team or they will tell on you.
  • You are sore from a practice and need to shower and rub down your sore muscles with oil.

Naughty Librarian 

Those librarians with their uptight demeanor and constant scolding prove that smart is sexy with this role play.

Play The Role

  • You and a fan have a sexual encounter in the library but have to make sure no one sees or hears you.
  • You show off your knowledge of all the naughty parts of books by acting them out.
  • You are a shy librarian but you can’t help yourself when it comes to this one college student comes in to study.
  • You show your fans that there is a very naughty side to you but only they will know and you will deny it ever happened if they tell a single living soul.
  • You are having a secret affair with one of the professors in the college you work at.

Dance instructor

This role play is a great way to show off some sensual moves and your flexible positions for your fans.

Play The Role

  • You are in the dance studio after hours and one thing leads to another…
  • You show your fans your very sexy dance that you have been working on.
  • You are the dance instructor and you are having an affair with one of your students’ parents.
  • You are a ballerina but have to perform on cam to pay for dance classes.
  • You want to show off your sexy warm up stretches to your fans.


House party

We all know what happens at parties: you have fun, your inhibitions go down, and you get wild. This is a perfect role play for couples or group performances.

Play The Role

  • You just meet for the first time at a party and things get sexy.
  • You are with people you know at a party and you end up experimenting with things that you would never do normally.
  • You are strait and have never had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex until tonight.
  • You have your first orgy with people you just met at this party.
  • You end up in the middle of the party and everyone takes turns fucking you.
  • You get blindfolded at the party and everyone takes their turn.
  • You are having sex with someone and someone walks in and joins you.
  • You wander into a bedroom and discover the host’s roommate, sibling, or parent are home and you have sex.
  • You have sex with the host’s parent and they show you how it’s done.

Innocent & sweet

I think we all know why this one is fun. Watching an innocent amateur nervously get pleasure from doing something naughty is what CAM4 is ALLLL about bb.

Play The Role

  • You are so innocent but are interested to see what CAM4 is all about.
  • You are a naïve virgin and have to be told what to do.
  • You may have performed before but a fan has asked you to do something new and you are shy about it.
  • You are just a sweet, soft spoken performer who just wants to please their viewers.
  • You are a seasoned CAM4 performer and you have a guest on cam who is just so new to this whole thing but you and your fans show them what to do.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!