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Paint Your Body For Camshow Art! (Video)

Get step-by-step instructions on how to do some simple body painting techniques that will have you looking like a sexy work of art.

Why Body Paint?

Ever feel like you are always wearing the same thing? Want a unique outfit for one of our CAM4 photo contests? Looking for ways to spice up your shows and make some 'art'?  Sounds like you need to give body painting a try!

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to do some simple body painting techniques that will have you looking like a sexy work of art.

Note: Everything used for this article was purchased for under $20 at a dollar store.

What you'll need:

  • DSC00995Non-toxic paint
  • A set of brushes
  • A plate
  • Water
  • Paper towel or a towel
  • Baby wipes
  • Q-tips
  • Sponges
  • Stick on letters

Twinkling Star


This star looks best when you use a thin brush and a light color of paint.


Start by making a line with your thin brush, you want to make this line fairly even width throughout.

DSC01026Place your brush in the center of your line and make a stroke outwards creating a ‘T’ shape

DSC01027Do the same for the other side so you now have an ‘+’ sign.


Following the same technique, make a smaller ‘+’ shape that fills in the area between the original, larger ‘+’ shape.

Add dots to create the twinkling effect!

Stencil Your Body


For this one, place sticky foam letters anywhere on your body in the text you want.


Use your sponge to dab paint all over your stencils in your desired colour. This effect is really cool if you use different colours throughout your stencil.


Once the paint is dry remove the foam stencils to reveal your work. I used my flat-head brush to trace the edges of my foam stencil for a more dramatic effect.

One Stroke Painting


This technique is about using more than one color but not letting your colors mix together with your brush stroke. I am creating a flower using my flat-head brush and 2 colors of paint.


Placing the flat head of the brush down on my skin and holding my brush strait up; I make a crescent shape while keeping the head of my brush on my skin the whole time.


Repeat this crescent shape; keeping one color always on the outside and the other always on the inside to create the center of the flower.


By adding white to one side of each petal you create a highlight that will give added dimension to your flower. Finish with a white center and some dots and you are finished!

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!