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"If it exists, there's a porn for it."

This pretty much sums it up. Luckily for you, CAM4 is all about sexual discovery – and being open to it means you have an endless supply of things to try on cam. Your viewers will have some fetishes of their own they would love to try with you too.

fet·ish  /ˈfediSH/

Any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Ideas For Fetish Shows


Feet bb...

People have been worshiping feet for centuries. Whether it’s pretty feet, dirty feet, smelling feet, or watching you step on something, the foot fetish is very real.

How To Satisfy:

  • When doing a show, position yourself in a way that you can lean back a bit and raise your feet so they can be seen on cam.
  • Have pictures of you with bare feet.
  • Pictures of just your feet.
  • Let your fans treat you to a pedicure and tweet pictures from the spa.
  • Do a show where you massage your feet with lotion.
  • Take pictures of your bare feet standing in grass, mud, shaggy carpet, sand, water, etc…
  • Sell your dirty socks.

Are you wearing heels?

What is something everyone looks at, and is the biggest indicator of style, status, hygiene, and attitude? Shoes. But the shoe fetish is not just about heels, it’s about all the shoes bb.

How To Satisfy:

  • Add your favourite shoes to your amazon wish list.
  • Add your shoe size to your CAM4 profile.
  • Have a show that is all about you modeling your boots/shoes.
  • Tweet pictures of the shoes you are wearing when you’re out doing regular things.
  • Wear your shoes during your show from start to finish.
  • Sell your worn shoes to your fans.
  • For some dominating fun, tell your fans about how you want to step/walk on them with your shoes, how you would make them clean your shoes, what you would step in before you walked on them to leave a dirty footprint, etc…
  • Ask a fan to slip on a sexy pair of shoes for you to see using cam2cam during a private show.


Do you have any Nylons?

Nylons and stockings are incredibly sexy because they caress every curve on the body, you can almost feel the sensation on your own skin just looking at someone wearing them. This fetish is not limited to women wearing nylons either, men love seeing other men wearing nylons as well, they may even want to slip on a pair themselves.

How To Satisfy:

  • Add nylons, stockings, garter belts, leggings, tights, full body nylons to your amazon wish list.
  • Post pictures of you wearing your lovely nylons on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and of course CAM4.
  • When taking pictures of you in nylons, try not wearing shoes and posing so the bottoms of your feet are almost front and center. Extra points if you spread your toes apart in the picture as well.
  • Watermark all your nylon pictures with the size, type, color name, and your shoes size.
  • Instead removing your nylons during a show, rip a hole in them and keep them on during your whole show.
  • Ripping nylons or stockings till they are just strings during your show.
  • Wearing really tight, shiny nylons for a show and rubbing your toys on the outside of the nylons.
  • Sell your nylons.
  • Ask a fan to slip into a pair for you to see using cam2cam during a private show.


Are you wild bb?

This fetish is pure whimsical fantasy where you step outside of your species to dress up as another – a "furry". This is not about animals…it’s about BEING an animal and tapping into your instinctual desires. The furry group has its own customs and language. “Yiff” means sex, “yiffy” means horny or sexual, and “yiffing” means mating. “Fur pile” denotes a bunch of furries lying on top of one another, affectionately, while skritching. “Spooge” is semen — a possible outcome of a fur pile.  A “furvert” is anyone who is sexually attracted to mascots and such.

How To Satisfy:

  • Grab some fun fur and create your new animalistic persona.
  • Add some fantasy to your toy collection, many sites online offer butt plugs and dildos inspired by mystical creatures or have a wide selection of tails to choose from.
  • Decorate your room in the fashion you think your animal alter ego would like. For example, if you decide you are a horse….add a bale of hay.
  • Let your fans discover their spirit animal and let them virtually be a part of your “petting zoo”.
  • Use the food items you think your animal would eat as toys. E.g. As a horse, you would use a carrot as a dildo.
  • Take on some animalistic behavior like scratching, rolling around on all 4’s, barking, etc.
  • Sell your costumes and toys so others can enjoy.


Wish I could smell your underarms.....

As red blooded creatures we are hard wired to react when we get a whiff of a potential mate's pheromones. This is why so many people love to watch performers show, smell, and lick their own armpits.

How To Satisfy:

  • Post pictures of yourself subtly showing off your underarms, before and after you shave your armpits (don’t be afraid to show a little hair under there), you smelling or licking your underarms first thing in the morning, after a workout, etc.
  • Add luxury hygiene products like razors, skin nourishing deodorant, body wash, perfume, waxing kits, etc. to your Amazon wish list
  • Get a few tight white shirts that you can wear and sell to fans.
  • If you are a couple, use the underarm as an erotic zone during your show.
  • Do lots of stretches during a show that show off your underarms.


Do you lift bro?

Muscle worship is a new take on the Dom/Sub relationship where instead of the sub licking your shoes, they are now rubbing sore muscles from the gym. Your submissive looks at you as a superior being and is eager to please and serve you. Remember, your submissive WANTS you to dominate them – that is what they are there for. Everyone has different limits on how far they want to take this fantasy, so just be a good listener and enjoy the love.

How To Satisfy:

  • Have your submissive prove themselves worthy by writing a declaration of their devotion to you. You can post it everywhere, or just keep it for yourself.
  • Fill your Amazon wish list with workout gear, equipment, supplements, shoes, weights, etc…
  • Have a fan prove their devotion by paying for your gym membership.
  • Do a work out or work out tutorial show.
  • Rub your muscles with oil during a show.
  • Post pictures of you at the gym, after a workout, and what you are eating to stay fit.
  • Put your weight, height, shoe size, and measurements on your CAM4 profile.
  • Sell your sweaty workout clothes.


Dirty talk

The brain is the largest sex organ and the best way to stimulate it is by talking dirty and telling it what to do. This can range from talking about your own sexual adventures to talking about your ultimate sexual fantasy. You don’t have to be a total sex pot to be great at talking dirty either, being a bit shy or awkward is a total turn on too and can work in your favor.

How To Satisfy:

  • Offer jerk off instructions while in a private or group show.
  • Ask your fans to heighten your pleasure by talking dirty to you during a private show.
  • Challenge your fans to satisfy you by asking them to each come up with a creative way to please you that they can play out with you in a private show.
  • After you have a sexy night of your own offer to tell fans all about it in a group or private show.
  • Let your fans privately give you a nickname that they can use with you in your public shows or just in private.
  • Help your fans in their own sex lives by giving dirty talk lessons and tips. Then they can tell you all about how it went in a steamy private show.


We all know what the term ‘Oral fixation’ means, and this is the root of this smokey fetish. They may just like watching you suck and blow, or maybe they are thinking about the cigarette you would need after some amazing sex with them.

How To Satisfy:

  • Let your fans know that you have a cigarette after doing a particularly satisfying show.
  • Make smoking one of your tip requests in your room. (Make it a bit pricy to avoid making yourself sick from smoking too much)
  • Put a condom on a big cigar and use it as a toy in a show.
  • Request your fans send you rare or unique brands of cigarettes or cigars.
  • Write reviews on the cigarettes or cigars your fans send you on your CAM4 profile.
  • Post pics of you smoking.
  • Send fans cigars or packs of cigarettes that you have signed.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!