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Carnaval on CAM4

Bright colors, decadent costumes, we've got all the info you need to do this party right. Its a celebration bb's! 

Carnaval   \ˈkär-nə-vəl\

Carnaval is a festival with the spirit of excess. Grand costumes and masks are worn with the intention of making people feel anonymous so they can lose themselves in the celebration with a heightened feeling of social unity. People fill the streets from 11:11 am until late into the night on the days leading up to the Catholic observation of Lent.

During this time, you will eat, drink, dance, and forget about every day social norms. Strange costumes with huge exaggerated body features (usually noses, breasts, and penises), circus like performances that happen in the streets, and large food fights are all common things you will see at Carnaval.

Include the #CarnavalCAM4 tag in your room status and tweets so viewers can find your show easily!

Friendly stranger


Why not be someone else for a change? Let your viewers meet this new, mysterious side of you…

How to choose the right mask:

  1. Choose one of your sexual fantasies that includes an encounter with a stranger, or switch up one of your fantasies to include one.
  2. Now you have the theme for your masked role-play and it will be easier to choose the type of mask you need.
  3. If you are a solo performer you can choose to either BE the stranger in your role-play, or pretend the audience is the stranger.

*PRO TIP – Include LOTS of dirty talk during this role-play. If you are pretending your audience is the stranger, talk and respond to them like they are one person, this will heighten the feeling that you are alone with your sexy stranger.

Samba striptease


All the elements of a classic strip tease but with a sexy Brazilian twist.


How to do it:

  • Wear your brightest, shiniest, sexiest, outfit then add to it. Both men and women wear beautiful head pieces, arm bands, scarves, jewelry, belly chains, glitter, feathers, etc… There is literally no limit here.
  • Apply your sexy strip moves to the music of Carnaval…Soca!

*PRO TIP – If you have any rhythm at all, you should look up some traditional Soca dance moves and add them to your routine.

Larger than life


No Carnaval celebration is complete without a few sexy giants towering over the party :)


How to do it:

  • Dress in your Carnival best – colorful, bright, feathers, scarves, etc…
  • Place your webcam on the floor (Or low to the ground on a tripod) and point it angling up at you. This will make you look like a giant to your viewers!
  • If you have small cars, lifelike miniatures of buildings, houses, or everyday objects, place them in appropriate places in your room to increase the effect of you being a giant.

*PRO TIP – Decide before hand if you are a friendly giant or a mean one. This will help you interact with your tiny props during your show. Do you want to crush them if you don’t get what you want? Are the tiny humans your pleasure slaves?

Dare to dress up


Carnaval is the perfect time to dress up in a fun costume and show your fans your whimsical side.


How to do it:

  • Go to any craft/dollar store and get Velcro stickers so you can easily attach accessories to an outfit/sex toy
  • Use the Velcro to attach things like a bunny tail to the end of your favorite butt plug, or a unicorn horn to a headband.
  • Create a fun name for your creature and even a backstory, this will give you lots to talk about with your fans during your show.

*PRO TIP – Play Roll-the-Dice in your show and make a few of the options different accessories to attach to your toys or costume.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!