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Personal Info Security (Video)

We know that it can be stressful using your personal information on any site, so we sat down with the CAM4 Customer Service pros to ask some questions about how secure the site really is.


CAM4 Coach: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my security questions.  The first thing I want to ask why performers need to upload their ID to the Performer Dashboard?


Customer Service: We have an obligation to make sure anyone we will be paying is of legal age to be on the site. We also use the Model Release and ID check in the case of cams with multiple people, to make sure that everyone is aware they are part of the broadcast. 


CAM4 Coach: Makes sense! What do you do with the ID once it is uploaded? 


Customer Service: Your ID is reviewed by a member of our approval team. Once it's approved, a copy is kept offline by our Keeper of Records and the digital copy is deleted.


CAM4 Coach: If someone did a google search on my real name would CAM4 come up?


Customer Service: CAM4 would only appear on searches of your real name if you personally associated the two in some way. For example, if you used your real name as your username, or published an email address/Facebook/Twitter/Skype account that is connected to your real name.

Anything you type on your own public profile or on the comment wall of other profiles can be indexed by the search engines. (You can find advice on keeping your privacy here.)


CAM4 Coach: Can my account be "hacked"?


Customer Service: Technically anything is possible... but it is HIGHLY unlikely that this will occur. The bigger risk is social engineering – where you pass your account information to someone else without realizing it.

Typically this would be achieved by someone claiming to work for CAM4 giving you a link (in Skype or another 3rd party service) to a page that looks like a CAM4 page with a login box – as soon as you "log in" they get your information.

Alternatively, someone may send you a file in Skype that is supposed to be an image, but is in reality a key-logger that lets them see whatever you type.


 CAM4 Coach: What can I do to keep my account safe from people like that?


Customer Service: Make sure you keep your account information to yourself, be cautious when accepting files from anyone, and do not accept people in Skype claiming to work for CAM4. We will not approach you in this way, ever.

If you receive anything claiming to be from CAM4 asking for your account information please contact – we can verify it for you or let you know that it's fake.


CAM4 Coach: So the best advice is to keep your camming on CAM4 and never give out your password! Speaking of giving out information, does CAM4 share any of my personal information with 3rd parties?


Customer Service: No. We never share any of your personal info.


CAM4 Coach: One more question, how effective is a country block?


Customer Service: A country block will block people within that country – however, it will not block users of that nationality residing in another country, or using a proxy/VPN to give them a different location. As a whole, though, it will block the vast majority of that country's users.


CAM4 Coach: Thanks so much for the interview! This has been very helpful.


Customer Service: No problem. Stay safe!

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM