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Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

Protecting your personal information starts with you – just use your common sense, trust your better judgment, and keep these tips in mind! 


Passwords and Privacy

Never give out your passwords to ANYONE! No one at CAM4 will ever ask you for your passwords – don't be fooled by someone posing as a staff member who is trying to 'help'.

A useful tip for password protection is to use different passwords for all of your online accounts. That way, if someone does get access to your password, the damage will be contained to only one account


Send and receive gifts safely

Use a package forwarding service when setting up your Amazon wish list or any other wishlist you may have. This service gives you an American address that all of your things will be shipped to, then they will notify you when something arives and ship it directly to you. No one ever sees your address!

Asking for giftcards is another great option to protect your address. To receive a giftcard safely, create a new email account using your camming name when setting up the account. 

To send a gift safely you can use these services to protect your address:




Turn off Geo-tagging on your pictures

Taking selfies with your phone is super fun and easy – just remember to turn off your Geo-tagging or GPS locator first. Your phone tags the location of where a picture was taken and adds it in the image info, you can see it when you right click on your image.

If you don't know how to turn this off on your device...Google it! :) 

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!