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What Can I Do While Broadcasting Outside?

We always encourage performers to do shows outside – just make sure you learn the rules before you do so you stay safe!

As of April. 20, 2015 CAM4 has changed their Terms and Conditions to include the following, located at Paragraph X C). Mobile UGC

What Am I Allowed To Do On Cam Outside?
  • Broadcast outside.
  • Have guests on cam that are approved performers.
  • Use toys.
  • Broadcast from your phone/tablet/laptop.
  • Chat with people in your CAM4 chatroom while broadcasting outside.
  • Broadcast from your private property.
  • Broadcast from public locations.
  • Have buildings/traffic/advertisements in the background.
  • Broadcast from inside/outside of a car.
What Am I NOT Allowed To Do On Cam Outside?
  • NO CHILDREN or MINORS ( under 18) ON CAM EVER. If a child is seen on cam with you or you are broadcasting from a school, playground, establishment that is branded or marketed to or for children will result in a BAN from CAM4 permanently. You will be subject to legal penalties if you do so, in addition to action will take to ban you from using its service.
  • Broadcast or involve strangers in your show who are unaware they are on cam with you.
  • Broadcast live or recorded audio from people who are unaware their voices are being broadcast on your cam.
  • Broadcast in or in front of places of worship.

To avoid claims of invasion of privacy, CAM4 recommends you don't broadcast from a height of more than 5'5" (1.67 meters) of the ground.