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How To Set Up Your Room (Video)

Whether you are brand new, or an experienced performer, setting up a new space can be a little tricky – unless you follow these great tips to getting set up!

How Your Room Is Set Up Is Important

You want to have someplace inviting and fun, but don’t know how much of your room to show. What many of us don’t realize is that a lot of what you try to keep out of the shot will actually make your room more interesting. Instead of clearing everything away and finding a blank wall to perform in front of, turn your cam so viewers can see your personality show through the items you have in your room.

Bed Pic One 2

 Locate All Light Sources

You want to control the light no matter where you are performing. Start by:

  • Covering all windows. The sun is not a suitable source of light because it is inconsistent and can give away your location.
  • See what light fixtures are already in the room and how much light they give off.

Once you know how much light you have to work with you need to:

  • Replace all bulbs with energy saving bulbs that are a soft white color for maximum light with minimum heat (Stay away from florescent bulbs because they are very unflattering)
  • Get a few clamp lamps to add light where needed

For full info on how to set up your lights check out the article “Lighting 101” 

 Choose A Flattering Angle

When choosing which direction to point your webcam, keep in mind that we are a visual site and the more you have in your background the better.

Here are a few tips for picking a flattering angle:

  • If you have a “good side” you are more comfortable facing the cam with take that into account. You always want to be comfortable, so make sure you don’t have to position your body in an awkward pose to get the effect you want.
  • To make the most of a space, have the camera angled towards a corner of the room with your webcam in the opposite corner. This will give you the most space to work with and incorporate more wall space you can use for decorating or game boards.
  • Position your webcam so it is above you angling down, this is very flattering on all body types.
  • If you want to look taller place your webcam below you angled so it is pointing up at you, this is also a great angle for sexy walking, dancing, and the giantess fetish.

Bed Pic 3

 Set Your Stage

This is the best part of setting up your room. The longer you are in a space, the more comfortable you get and the more you will decorate. Your room doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be a place you will want to hang out in for hours.

Beautiful additions to any room:

Curtains 2

Curtains are the perfect room accessory if you can’t paint, or if you need to hide things like closet doors (which I did here).

To create this affect I used a basic curtain rod and attached it to the wall the same way you would hang any curtains. I then sewed fabric loops onto my favorite fabric and hung them.



mirror 2

A large mirror is fantastic for selfies and to reflect the back of you to your viewers so they catch you from every angle. To make this extra flattering, prop your mirror on your wall at a bit of an angle. This will make your body look longer while laying down and taller when standing. Having it by your bed is also a plus because you will have so many bed selfies!


nikted 2

Use colored lights, pillows, posters, games, toys, musical instruments, etc. to dress up your space. Remember, the whole point of adding these things is so you don’t get bored, if you love your surroundings and have lots to interact with, the more fun it is to watch you.


~That’s all for this lesson!

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