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How To Handle Tips & PM's In Chat

Being successful in Public Chat is more than just getting naked, its about knowing how to react to your chatroom and what to do when you get tipped. Staying calm and making these small changes to your show will make a BIG difference!

1. Don't Let TIPS Stop You...

Don't send a PM to every viewer who sends you a tip! If you are in the middle of your show and someone tips you its because they like what you are doing! If you stop what you are doing to send them a PM, you will train your room to not tip you because you stop the action they are tipping you for.

2. Stay Cool And Tease.

When someone sends you a tip its nice to say thank you, but don’t rip all your clothes off and get too excited, make them work for it a bit and TEASE! Its also important to NOT jump all over your tippers when they com into your room. Jumping on your whales when they come in the room (or someone who contributed a lot to your last show) can alert others to the fact that that a generous viewer came in the room and could make them rely on this viewer to tip you. This can make generous viewers feel awkward and can open them up to messages from others asking for tips. Just stay cool and the tips will come.

3. Less Typing Means More Touching.

Keep your chatroom alive by making everyone chat with you in your public chat. It is VERY boring to watch you type during your show and having a bunch of private conversations kills the show an the chat. When they all ask to PM you simply say "Talk to me in here! If my hands are busy I can't do a show!"

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM