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Broadcast Window Tutorial - Part 1

How you fill out your broadcast window is so important, it can set the tone of your room and make it easier for your fans to know what to expect.

Once you hit 'Broadcast' on the CAM4 homepage you will see:

Your 'Start Broadcast' Menu

1. Broadcast Type

Regular Broadcast

This is the standard broadcast type for CAM4. 

External Encoder

If you have experience with external encoding software, you can use this tab to connect your external stream to CAM4. 

Learn more about External Encoding here.

2. Video / Audio Settings


Set your video resolution here. It may be best to keep it on Auto, to let CAM4 choose the best resolution for your hardware and connection.


Pick your webcam source by clicking the white arrow to access the drop down menu and choosing your webcam from there.

If you do not see the camera or 3rd party software (manycam/splitcam/camtwist) you want, you need to check your settings and start your broadcast again.


Pick your microphone source to match your webcam source. So, if you are choosing:

  • Logitech webcam choose> Logitech microphone
  • Manycam virtual webcam choose> Manycam virtual microphone
  • Integrated webcam (built in cam) choose> Built in microphone

3. Show Settings

Status Message

Your status is seen at the top of your broadcast window and under your thumbnail on the CAM4 homepage.

This is a great place to:

  • Write a fun or sexy greeting for your fans.
  • Invite views to join your fan club.
  • Advertise your social media.
  • Provide details about your show.
  • Promote your amazon wish list.
  • Advertise videos/merchandise you have for sale.
  • Highlight contests/raffles/themes you have going in your room.
  • Invite your fans to read your profile. 

Try using hashtags (ex: #anal #cum #solo) to get discovered quicker!

Show Type

Choose your show type from the drop down menu. Depending on the gender you entered in your account settings your choices will be:

  • Solo (By yourself on cam)
  • Male/Female (Group)
  • Male/Male (Group)
  • Female/Female (Group)

This will put you in the correct category on the CAM4 homepage, and make you eligible for the 'Cam of the Day' contest for that category.

Room Mode

Your room mode controls who is able to enter your room.

Public Mode will make you visible to the whole site. People will be able to enter your broadcast directly from the CAM4 homepage. 

CAM4 Gold Members can choose Private Mode, which lets you add a password to your room. lets you use specific filters that allow people into your room. 

4. Broadcast Preview

Preview Window

You can see a preview of your broadcast here. Use it to make sure everything looks right before you go live!


This shows you your current frames per second. Higher FPS means a smoother stream.

Stream Quality

CAM4 will keep track of the quality of your stream to let you know of potential problems before you go live. If your stream quality is low, try switching your Resolution to Auto.

5. Start Broadcast

Click this button to go live on CAM4 with your very own cam show!


Your Broadcast Window

create group 

Group shows are like a Private show, only instead of tokens per minute, viewers buy a ticket to join. Viewers can tip during a Group Show.

group show

 The Group Show menu will allow you to set:

  • A detailed show description to get your viewers interested.
  • The price of the tickets to your show.
  • How many tickets you need to sell before you will do the show.
  • The length of time your performance will be.
  • A timer for how long your group show tickets will be available.

If you don't make your ticket sale goal you still have the option to do the show anyway. If you decide NOT to do the show, the tokens will be given back to your viewers.


 A Private Show is when you earn tokens per minute by accepting a Private Show request from a viewer. The default token rate is set to 24 tokens per min, and 6 tokens per min to spy. Spy viewers are only able to watch, they can not chat or hear you. Viewers can tip during a Private Show as well.

PVT show settings

 Your Private Show menu will allow you to set:

  • Private/Spy show tokens per minute
  • Allow/deny spy viewers during your private shows
  • Allow Cam2Cam during private shows (This feature allows you to see and hear your viewer during the private show)
  • Allow/deny private show requests

You are able to change these settings at any time.

Pending Private Show requests are here in the order they are requested.

You will see a pop up for a Private Show request on your broadcast screen as well.



You have the option to Accept or Decline any Private Show request.

tip goal

 You are always able to accept tips, but you can't reach a goal until you set one. Enter the token amount you would like to make, and a tip widget will appear on the right hand side that lets you keep track of how many tips you have earned.

10 Tokens = 1 US Dollar

1000 Tokens = 100 US Dollars

1 goal

 This is what your tipping widget will look like


Enter the length of time in minutes that you will be performing, this will easily let your viewers know how long you will be online for.


Your Text bar is where you describe your show, or tip amount for requests. A well filled out text box instantly tells viewers entering your room what to expect and can prevent endless questions about your show.


If you’re looking for more information on Getting Started, be sure to read the lessons on Internet Basics or Setting and Reaching Your Tip Goal.


That’s all for this lesson!

Keep up to date with many more performer tips by adding me as a friend on Cam4, following me on Twitter @nikki_night, and our CAM4 Male coach Boyhous @cam4coachmen

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Happy Camming!

Love, Nikki & Boyhous