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Cindy Gallop: Spearheading Healthy Attitudes Towards Real World Sex

Cindy Gallop: Spearheading Healthy Attitudes Towards Real World Sex

Cindy Gallop is the Founder and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, the world’s first user-generated, human-created social sex video-sharing platform. There was a huge global response to the launch of her sex promotion platform, following its launch at TED in 2009. Former advertising executive, Cindy realized through her personal experience of dating younger men, that we don’t talk openly and honestly about sex in the real world, ultimately leading to her launch of MLNP.

CAM4 Introduces “Candid Convos” on Instagram

Cindy will be joining CAM4 on Instagram for the first of many “Candid Convos” we are introducing, providing further insights for our creators and users. ‘Loving Yourself and Your Fans’ will air on CAM4’s Instagram Account on February 14th at 2pm EST, hosted by Laura Desiree. Also joining in will be CAM4’s Sr. Account Manager Johnny Diamond and CAM4 Creator EllieRiggid.


If porn is the Hollywood blockbuster movie, MLNP is the badly-needed documentary. Cindy is keen to promote the idea of sex education through real world demonstration. She advocates the belief that porn becomes sex education by default and to support this, she often speaks at conferences around the globe, as well as consulting on her approach to re-focussing the way we all think about sex.

“I like to blow shit up! I am the Michael Bay of business.”

Cindy Gallop describing her approach to conference speaking

The focus of the MLNP platform is about socializing and normalizing sex, in order to make it easier to talk about, promote consent, and communicate good sexual values and behaviors. The platform is ‘Pro-sex, Pro-porn, Pro-knowing the difference’, and their mission is to help end rape culture by leading the way in the social sex revolution – meaning it isn’t the sex, but the social!

Cindy’s approach to sex is not only vital to changing social stigmas, but she is also an important inspiration to the content creator industry, allowing us to continue to break down barriers when it comes to online camming. If you would like to know more, you can follow Cindy through her social accounts, all of which are listed below. She also has the facility to ‘ask her anything’ through her Dear Cindy page on Substack.



Website: makelovenotportn.tv

Twitter: @cindygallop

Instagram: @cindygallop

Dear Cindy: Substack – Ask Me Anything



Website: makelovenotportn.tv

Twitter: @makelovenotporn

Instagram: @makelovenotporn

Facebook: @mlnp.tv

YouTube: @makelovenotporntv1