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CANDID CONVOS – A Journey of Mind, Body, and Soul. Join us!

CANDID CONVOS – A Journey of Mind, Body, and Soul.  Join us!

Conversations often fly by like fleeting tweets, however, there’s an emerging sanctuary for raw dialogue and profound insights to intertwine. We invite you to join us for “Candid Convos” on Instagram Live, brought to you by CAM4, where meaningful conversations take center stage. This week, hosted by the captivating Lil Moore, we explore the art of mastering self-care: mind, body, and soul.

Our special guest, Dr. Roger Kuhn is a Poarch Creek Two-Spirit Indigiqueer soma-cultural sex therapist, sexuality educator, writer, activist, and musician. Roger’s work explores the concepts of decolonizing and unsettling sexuality and focuses on the way culture impacts and informs our bodily experiences.  He is a community organizer of the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit powwow, and a board member of the Two-Spirit & Native LGBTQ+ Center for Equity. His first book, Somacultural Liberation, is available in both paperback and audio. His music can be streamed on all digital platforms.

Lil Moore – Host Extraordinaire

An International Playboy Bunny of mystery, Lil Moore’s journey from live performance to print modeling has culminated in a vibrant career in adult entertainment with CAM4. With a heart as vast as her personality, Lil Moore infuses every interaction with authenticity and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on all who cross her path.

Kitty Goddess – CAM4 Creator (LATAM)

Kitty Goddess, a luminary in the CAM4 community, embodies the essence of creativity and passion. With her captivating presence and unwavering dedication, she enriches the lives of her audience, transcending borders to forge connections that resonate on a profound level.

GoodniteHero88 – CAM4 Creator (North America)

One of CAM4’s hottest content creators is using his platform to meet new people, but most of all, have good conversation. As he says in his own words “It’s not just a stream, it’s an experience” …prepare for a look into a real-life exhibitionist”

With “Candid Convos,” we’re reminded of the transformative power of authentic dialogue and shared experiences. Through the lens of self-care, we will explore the depths of different perspectives, connection, and understanding. We are forever ever grateful for these individuals and helping to move conversations forward.

Candid Convos

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A place to further discussion, insights, and perspectives for the adult community: This week’s episode: ‘A Journey Of Mind, Body, and Soul, Wednesday, May 15th at 6pm ET.



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