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CAM4’s Response to Security Breach Allegations

CAM4’s Response to Security Breach Allegations

Yesterday (Monday, May 4th) several articles were published by multiple media outlets reporting a significantsecurity breach to CAM4’s platform. CAM4 was originally made aware of this breach by SafetyDetectives.com, an online community of security experts who blog about antivirus software and current events in the world of data security.

Developers and security specialists were deployed immediately for further investigation, and the team concluded without any doubt that absolutely no personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, emails, IP addresses or financial data, was improperly accessed by anyone outside the SafetyDetectives firm and CAM4’s company investigators.

In response to the very large figures reported in the media, it is important to note that the accurate numbers are much lower. Upon immediate review of what certainly appeared to be a loss of some data, CAM4’s security team determined that personal data belonging to 93 individuals were accessed by SafetyDetectives. CAM4 has notified all users who were active during the 30 days of the log of this event and the steps we have taken to secure their accounts.

In short, there was no malicious security breach resulting in the loss of personal data from any CAM4 server worldwide.  The internal investigation concluded that no other connections to CAM4 servers were made after afirewall failure that enabled SafetyDetectives to access the site.

CAM4 takes data security and the safety of its broadcasters and audience very seriously and has a team of handpicked professionals monitoring the site’s integrity every second of the day. CAM4 will continue to be diligent about follow up and are happily taking questions to alleviate any concerns from the public and the CAM4 Community.