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Ancient Dildos: A History of Sex Toys

Ancient Dildos: A History of Sex Toys

In our sexually open world everything is fair game. You can play all you want and cum ’til your heart is content (and we hope you do!). Thanks to technology we’ve got great toys to accompany our fantasies. What would the world be like without the Hitachi!? Well, it turns out that our ancestors were some ingenious perverts and didn’t need tecnological innovations to keep them cumming.  Hard and durable and shaped like cocks, stone tools clearly have more than one function. Self satisfaction is of course the best kind of entertainment, just ask any of our sexy camgirls. Our ladys know a thing or two about which vibrators and dildos make you cum the hardest.

Clearly some of our ancestors knew how to hit the right spots. Welcome to the CAM4 museuem of prehistoric dildos.

Carved Chalk Phallus.

From the Neolithic period, this chalk carved penis is shapely and doesnt lack in girth.

Stone dildo3 (ivory)

Another Neolithic dildo made from ivory and highly decorated. The owner clearly loved cumming so much they wanted to preserve it for the afterlife. Eternity of orgasms, now thats what I’m talking about.

Stone Dildo2

6,000- 4,000 BC Sweden. Standing at just 10.5 cm (4.1 inches) I’m thinking G Spot stimulator. And maybe perfect for some anal fun. Prehistoric people were all about utility after all.

Stone Dildoss

12,000 BC One for everyone!! Talk about variety. Some with foreskin, some without, and piercings and tattoos. Pussies all over the ancient world would be dripping wet with these babies.

Ancient DildoSo it doesn’t actually seem like all that much has changed. Except now they can vibrate….and maybe a bit more bells and whistles. What endures is our passion for pleasure! What was your first sex toy? Or have you ever improvised with something? If I was stuck in the pre-Hitachi world, I’d be all over the thick ivory dildos. I’d carve it and make it ribbed for my pleasure. Thick, too.

Leave a comment with what you’d use to get off in the ancient world! The History of Sex Toys is alive on CAM4, every day!

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