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The Wedding of Lylix & Tom on CAM4

The Wedding of Lylix & Tom on CAM4

Here at CAM4 we are always thrilled to welcome you along to unique experiences and spotlight creators who are living their life through the lens of their camera. With a huge congratulation, we invite you to The Great CAM4 Wedding – “Lemariage2C4”

Watch LeMariage2C4 on Saturday, May 11th from 10am ET

The union of marriage is the merging of two souls into one, and is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. As their big day approaches, the couple have embarked on an exciting journey to create the wedding of their dreams. To help them celebrate their union, the bride and groom have invited all to join them online, Saturday, May 11th from 4pm CEST.

This creative couple have been together for two years, and they love sharing their hot and spicy romps with you. Entertaining viewers around the globe, they are sure to spark passion and offer you the time of your life.

Lylix & Tom are a close-knit couple

In this upcoming ceremony, Lylix will captivate their guests as she walks down the aisle in her stunning wedding dress. The guestlist will include Tom, who is the official coach for CAM4 France and many CAM4 creators who will watch these two exchange vows on their big day. 

After the ceremony is completed, it will be time to celebrate on Lemariage2C4. Here, Lylix & Tom have prepared a number of hot and naughty games, which are reflective of their festive spirit. Most importantly, you are invited to take part in the games, along with their guests of honor. 

The long-awaited day is fast approaching

This wedding is not just an event, it’s a journey. Join us here on CAM4 for two people who are rich in love, adventure, discovery and, above all, carnal pleasures! It’s a day they’ll remember for the rest of their lives and want to share with you.


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You can continue to follow Lylix & Tom live on their social networks. They’ll show you their best selves on Instagram, and their naughtiest side on Twitter.



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