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Teasing & Tantalizing: Ttetat is the Artistic Minx Creating Enticing Vibes

Teasing & Tantalizing: Ttetat is the Artistic Minx Creating Enticing Vibes

They say that practice makes perfect, and when it comes to Ttetat, she’s got the tempting world of artistic creativity off to a tee! Bethany is her name and teasing her game.

“Join me on my adventure as I learn to let the squirting rivers flow”

says Ttetat

This sexy college student is definitely loving life, and her imaginative attitude ensures her viewers enjoy the perfect housewife show. Ttetat is a nerdy housewife who loves to discover new things to make her wild along the way. Her shows are the perfect mix of natural talent and naughtiness, and when not camming she loves the great outdoors.

When her viewers take control of what they want to see in her shows, this is when Ttetat really entertains. This tiny brunette can be quite a handful, she is always ready to drive your cocks crazy. Sit back and get ready to join a wild adventure, one that will leave you in no doubt about why Ttetat is the original tease.

CAM4 recently interviewed Ttetat

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please let everyone know who you are and a little bit of what you do on the platform.

Hi there everyone, I’m Beth aka Ttetat and it’s really nice to be part of this interview. I’m a college student who’s fairly new to CAM4. I’m enjoying being on the platform, releasing some stress and getting to know new people. It’s been an eye-opening and fun experience, joining the wonderful world of cam creators.

For anyone getting to know you for the first time, could you let us know a little bit about what your niche might be, and what you like to do in your cam shows?

Absolutely, my niche is along the lines of being a very nerdy girl. I’m actually quite shy in public, but on camera I can let go and just be myself. When I’m on cam, I feel more confident than I do when I’m with people in real life, which I know is slightly weird. During my shows I’m a bit of a crafter, and I like to do a lot of real-life point of views. This includes me getting ready during the daytime, or doing some of my college studies. Sometimes I’m doing regular housewife stuff, along with the nerdy girl stuff, such as cleaning, cooking and getting myself together.

How did you find your niche – How did you decide that this is the kind of persona you want to have on camera?

I just wanted somewhere where I could be myself and be confident. It’s great to have other people compliment you on how you’re beautiful when you do what you do. It’s also nice when you know that they are able to release themselves, and be their true selves. It’s helped me a lot to build my confidence as well. I am true to the core, just a nerdy housewife – 100%. It’s just how I am in real life, and I love being able to do it on camera. I used to put my head down when I walked in public, and now I’ve got my head raised high. I now know I can handle this, and it’s not a problem anymore.

Your journey into camming has helped you feel better about yourself, so would you recommend it?

Yeah, absolutely. At first I didn’t think it would work for me, and people do try to discourage you. There will always be people who are going to be mean to you, in fact there have been quite a few people that are quite rude and demanding. However, at the end of it all, I feel sexier – I feel more beautiful. I’m just going to keep on with this because this is my opinion of myself, no one else’s. 

Camming can take up a lot of your time, and with that in mind, how do you stay inspired and creative?

Staying creative is about including your followers. I give it to my fans, the people that follow me and watch my shows. I let them do a lot of the guiding – they tell me what they want to see. That way during my shows I can be more controlled. I tell them that this is your time to watch me enjoy myself. It’s more of a mental thing of doing what makes me feel good. My viewers can watch, and if they want to join in, then go ahead. Basically, that’s all I can really do to keep them on their toes. You have to tease them, you can’t just let them have what they want all the time.

Could you let everyone know where to find you on CAM4, when you broadcast, and if you’re on social media, how to find you there?

My username on CAM4 is Ttetat, and my broadcasts are normally at night from about 9pm until around 2am in the morning. I’m planning to put up a calendar for everybody to be able to follow when I’m going to be online. You can definitely find me on social media, and my links are posted below. Thank you so much for this interview, and thanks to all my followers and viewers.



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