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Talented Friend with Benefits: BunnyAlienGirl_ is the Lustful Petite Latina

Talented Friend with Benefits: BunnyAlienGirl_ is the Lustful Petite Latina

Please say hello to the talented and artistic BunnyAlienGirl_, a unique content creator who loves to express herself. A petite latina girl, she is an extra hot cam model who knows just how to entertain, while maintaining an air of realism during her shows. Bunny is always up for a game of ‘show and tell’… for the right tip of course!

“When I’m not creating adult content, I like to paint, write and make music”

says BunnyAlienGirl_

Known for her plethora of inventive expertise, Bunny has quite the collection of sex toys, and she certainly knows what to do with them. She has an air of goth about her, which is echoed by her tattoos and piercings, but she still knows how to have fun. Just look into her twinkling brown eyes, and you will soon be transported to a show filled with butt plugs, ball gags and dildos.

You’re always welcome at Bunny’s Tea Party – a chance to take a sneak peak at just what this twerking ball of fantasy has to offer. Whether it’s wet and wild showers or a plentiful array of pussy play, this girl has it all. Come and have some fun with this freak on a leash, and you are certain to be back for more – time after time!

CAM4 recently interviewed BunnyAlienGirl_

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please let everyone know who you are and a little bit about what to expect from your shows.

Hey everybody, I’m BunnyAlienGirl_ from Houston, Texas. I love being creative, both on and off cam. I like to create adult content, and you can expect to see me being your friend with benefits when I’m live on CAM4. I especially like getting naked on my shows, and I love to chat with the viewers. They love talking about some wild things during my shows, as well as lots of different topics. We don’t just talk about sex, we cover other topics as well, such as stuff at home or things to do with work, and many others. I also like to do my shows from different parts of the home, not just on the bed, but also in the living room or the closet.

How do you go about gathering fans and viewers, and ultimately gathering people to your content?

When it comes to my shows on CAM4, it’s mainly about marketing. However, it’s also about building your friends. The key here is you’re building your fan-base, and the honest answer here is to just be yourself. Engage with the people that really want to engage with you. There will always be people who like to direct, you know the type – ‘do this’, ‘do that’. But they rarely send tips, they just want something for nothing. However, I will always reply to people who want to engage, because I want people to feel included. There’s also some people out there that I’ve met who are lonely. They want you to be there with them, to engage with them, which is fun and cool.

When it comes to social media, do you use any opportunities there to promote what you’re doing on CAM4, using it as a way to gather for your shows?

Yes, I use social media as a place to put my stories, to let people know, but only those who are listed as friends. That way I can separate out my work clients, because I’m a licensed cosmetologist, and I don’t want my clients to see those stories! 

In your shows, how do you gather excitement – How do you get things to the point that your viewers are so excited, they’re about to explode?

I always focus on the person that’s talking really dirty, especially about things that I like to do. Then you move around so other people start to get involved. It’s all about role playing, in a way that they feel intimate in it. So then others come along and I can start to build it up more, by penetrating things or a little sneak at something.

Now that you’ve gathered their excitement, how do you turn that into tips?

I will show a little bit of something, do a little teaser of whatever I’m going to be doing. Then I will tell them that if you want to see more, you know what to do. That could include going to a private show, to all them to see more of what’s on offer. Sy showing people a sneak of what they can get, they will usually oblige. And they’re glad about taking you private, because they don’t want anyone else to see what they are getting. Of course, other viewers can see the performance, if they choose to spy, and that’s great too. It’s a great way to drive your earnings stream.

We also want to focus on maintaining mental health. How do you gather yourself in preparation for a show, and then how do you gather yourself again afterwards?

Firstly, before I do anything creative, I concentrate on my breathing, because I don’t want any anxiety to get in the way. Sometimes I put on a song that I like, or I like to stretch, burn some incense, or just chill with my partner. Once my show is over, I like to reply to those people who’ve added me on social media, or messaged my inbox. Then I will just rest for a short while, before getting changed to go make dinner, or have some chill time with my partner and my pets.

Please let everyone know where to find you on CAM4, and any other links that you want to let them know about.

You can find me on CAM4 under BunnyAlienGirl_, and my social links are listed below. My album is available online, through Apple Music – It’s called ‘Tea Party’. I’m also in a band called ‘The Midnight Cult’ with my partner, so please look us up. 



CAM4 Profile: @BunnyAlienGirl_

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Instagram: @bunnyaliengirl

TikTok: @bunnyaliengirl