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Squirting Seductress: Maramaze is the Beauty of your Carnal Cravings

Squirting Seductress: Maramaze is the Beauty of your Carnal Cravings

Hold on tight, you’re about to enter the addictive world of body beautiful that is Maramaze! At just 5’ 2”, this petite blonde bombshell is the perfect example of one of the horniest and curvaceous cam girls you will find on CAM4. With a curvy waist and perfect ass, you will definitely be mesmerized as she gets naked for your erotic pleasure!

This brown eyed babe has the most stunning curves, and you are sure to get turned on with just one single look at this fireball of hotness. Maramaze is very submissive and she loves nothing more than being dominated as she gets dripping wet for you, live on cam. Feel free to tell her exactly what your wildest fantasies are, and she will have you at ease as she takes you to a land of many pleasures.

“I love to interact with the viewers and make sure they see they’re getting the attention”

Says Maramaze

Maramaze has so much to offer, meaning her fans keep coming back for more from this busty beauty who has more to her than meets the eye. She’s known by her viewers to be quite the SQUIRTER – so grab your towels and stock up on tokens, as you enjoy one of her fabulous shows!

CAM4 recently interviewed Maramaze

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what people can expect from your shows.

Hey everybody, I’m Maramaze from CAM4 and I’m so excited to be here. First and foremost, I am definitely a huge squirter, and I find that is what attracts people to my shows. That’s also why most of my followers keep coming back. I’m a very real cam girl, although I’m not one of those who just like to make fake noises – I simply love to entertain you the way I am. I truly like to open up, as it’s super cool getting to meet so many different people. The sex industry is so underrated and right now I’m really thankful for that, because I’m trying to take as much of an advantage of it as I can.

We’re seeing the popularity of the industry growing and growing, with a big increase in fans and subscribers – How do you build your fan base?

Recently I’ve started doing hour-long feature shows, and I use that time to get to know everyone. I make sure I interact with each person that I see, to ensure they feel they’ve been noticed. That way, the more people are noticed, the more they will want to spend tokens on you. When the tokens are flowing, it makes my body hot! It’s important to remember that people want attention, and during these shows I’m getting up to 500+ people in a room, which I’ve never experienced before. With that in mind, it’s key to have interaction between the creator and the viewers. When I get super cool people like Vanna – CAM4’s Coach – come in and talk to me, it’s so awesome as you feel like an integral part of the site.

How do you get people excited during a show, and then build on that excitement?

Each show is different. Sometimes I drink some happy water, or take shots, and then sometimes I do a snap raffle where I use a ‘spin the wheel’ for people to win a snap of me. The more times you drop tokens, the more times your name gets entered, with more chances to win. These sorts of things get a lot of attention, the main thing is I try to do different things. Of course, there are times where I get bored of my own show and that’s when it’s time to cut and go reset, maybe get a drink or do my own thing off cam.

When I come back and reset, then I’m back to getting 150 to 200 people! And this is an ongoing process. I log my daily hours and earnings too, and I also take note of the number of followers. Then I note which background I used, what I’m wearing, my makeup, my hair – there’s so many different points to remember about what made it a good show for you. One of the other things I like to do is to go watch other rooms while I’m streaming, and have their voices in the background, which I know my viewers can hear and enjoy.

It’s important to consider mental health and wellness for creators in this industry. With that in mind, how do you prepare for going on cam, and then how do you recollect yourself after being on cam?

This goes back to reviewing my old self, I used to get nervous. Back then I used to go all out and take an hour to get ready, but I’ve perfected my prep time now. Nowadays I can get ready in around 10 minutes. If I have to wash my hair and shower, then it takes more time, because I have to figure out what to do with my hair, if I’m going to leave it volumized or if I’m going to straighten it, or curl it. Before I would usually have a drink and a quick smoke to bring myself back down, but now I do that on cam. So everything I do to relax is just about me.

Of course, I can’t be in front of the camera all the time, it’s just impossible – I have to have a life! When I get off cam, my debrief is going to watch the sunset. I always try to get off around six local time, and make sure I make it there by seven. I have a smoke and a drink, then start playing a favorite game, which is currently Popdarts. And that’s it really. Once I’ve settled back down, I’m just anxious to get back to cam! You do have to have that debrief, of course, because if you’re not grounded for this job, you can’t do it properly. If you don’t look right, the viewers feel that – they feel the energy, so it’s important to get it right.

If people want to get in touch with you, if they want to watch your shows and learn everything about you, where can they do that? 

You can find me on CAM4 under my username Maramaze, and I can’t wait to see you all. When you join my show, make sure you tell me where you came from, especially if I was recommended to you.



CAM4 Profile: @maramaze

Instagram: @xmaramazex