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Ramona Flower: Creating a World of Artistic Eroticism

Ramona Flower: Creating a World of Artistic Eroticism

It’s time to greet the creator of your hottest fantasies, Ramona Flower. This dream artist has varied tastes, including a yearning for hardcore entertainment, which she is eager to show you. Her greatest gift for producing hot, creative and affectionate content is always evolving, and she is excited to discover a new world of temptation through camming. Art plays a big part in Ramona’s life, and away from the camera she loves to draw, paint, sing, act and dance. So why not let her turn your desires into a canvas of fantasies. She is determined to conquer your heart, so sit back and let yourself be seduced by her sweet moans. Click here to learn more about this hot blossom of passion.

Insightful Connections. Using Life Lessons to Create a Supportive Community

During her time as an adult content creator, Ramona has learned a lot about trust, honesty, discipline and responsibility, and how you use them to connect with your audience. She says that it is vitally important to listen. Now whilst this may seem simple, she is quick to point out that if you don’t hear the other person when they are talking, you will never get to know the person. Once you open your heart, your community will love you. As an independent adult, Ramona has had to overcome many obstacles, but all of these have given her strength. Her community has always been there for her, and she has always been very impressed by the recognition they have for her. She tells us that if you value your community, they will always help and support you, and that’s why she loves them all so much.

Question: Describe your content style using only emojis.

Ramona Flower: Well to start with, when someone asks me to do something very perverted, I’m like 😈 wow – can you teach me? When I’m very shy, and people are saying really nice things to me, then obviously the blushing face 😊 and the hearts ❤️are used. I love little hearts and stars ⭐ because I’m gonna be your star. And what other emoji can I use, well obviously my little hands 👉👈 . And what other final emoji is appropriate for me, well it has to be the one with the tongue like this 😜

Embracing Sexuality. How Ramona’s Inspiration Has Helped Others

One of the great things about Ramona is her ability to inspire others to feel differently about themselves, and become body positive. She tells us about a male friend she often talks to, and about how scared he felt when they first began messaging each other. As time went on, he would compliment her on the way she expressed herself, and would start asking her what lipstick she wears, or what wigs she uses. Her friend obviously had a huge amount of admiration for her, and they eventually gained a mutual trust for one another. Once that trust had been gained, Ramona’s friend plucked up the courage to reveal their feminine side, and when she saw what he looked like as a woman, she was amazed at how gorgeous her friend looked. She told her friend that she is beautiful and she could see a distinct amount of tenderness reflected, particularly when she showed off her long legs, super-tight dress and high heels. Ramona said there were no words to describe how stunning her friend was. She reminds us that we should never have any capacity to judge people. In this particular case, Ramona’s inspiration had allowed her friend to be free, and he was indebted to her for all her support.

Question: If you could collaborate with any adult creators, who would it be and why?

Ramona Flower: Who would it be, well it would have to be the fabulous Laura Desiree. And why, because I love her so much. I admire her work, she is a complete goddess. I love her performances and her creativity, and her way of expressing how people feel. I definitely think that we would make a great combination, especially with our short hair. I can just imagine being next to her and listening to Laura – how cool would that be.

Channeling Energy. Using Positivity to Spread Passion and Joy

Ramona tells us about her passion for writing. She uses it as a way of channeling her thoughts, as well as what’s in her heart. This enables her to feel good about her body, and it’s a great way of connecting everything together. She writes down her thoughts on scraps of paper and then uses those thoughts and feelings to create ideas for content, as well as her social media posts. By creating stories from her innermost muses, she tells us that it gives her the opportunity to change perspective. Overall, this has allowed Ramona to contribute to her content in a very impactful way, using it as a channel of self-discovery and self-affection. Whatever she has going on in her life, she uses that to express herself, and become a much stronger person.

Question: Can you describe a moment where you overcame a challenge and emerged stronger and more resilient as a result?

Ramona Flower: When I decided to become an independent model, I went through some very difficult stages in my life. And between those, was a period of time when I didn’t know what to do, but I was finally achieving the goal I wanted for my content. I was inspired to do new things, and to do more shows. As I was working from home, I was totally alone, and on this one day I had prepared a special show. Everything was going perfectly, and I was doing very well, but then someone messaged me through Skype and he started threatening me. He said he was going to close my account and take my earnings. I didn’t know if he was speaking the truth or not, so at that moment I stopped my show as I was having a panic attack, which made me start crying. The person wouldn’t go away, so I argued and argued with them, but then I realized he was blackmailing me. After two hours of trying to convince him not to close my account, I realized that he was trying to extort me. So, I hung up on him and then I blocked him. Once I had stopped crying I thought to myself – “no, I’m not going to change my plans, I’m not going to be here crying over something that already happened.” So I turned on my computer, adjusted my lights, set my camera, and I began to broadcast again. Once I was with friends again, I felt much better. In that moment, something inside me changed and I realized how brave and strong I was. Never again will I let myself be overshadowed, since I have now completely changed my perspective.

Creative Analogies. How Food Becomes the Passion for Content

We asked Ramona to give her content creation process a food analogy, and this is what she told us. She loves pasta, and the versatility that comes with it. She loves the fact that you can eat it with anything and everything. In Colombia they love to eat pasta with rice, it’s spectacular, meaning that it is universal – just like her shows. She particularly likes the way you can find it in so many different shapes, colors and flavors, which is often reflected in her broadcasts. Besides which, she reminds us that pasta is perfectly delicious, and who doesn’t like pasta?

Question: What’s the most unusual or unexpected thing you’ve used as a prop in your content?

Ramona Flower: You may not believe me, in fact I know you won’t believe me, but actually it’s very exciting to masturbate using a stethoscope! Now, I know you probably think that’s crazy, but there was this one time during one of my nurse’s shows. I couldn’t avoid it, I mean the feeling you get from a stethoscope. It’s so cold, and I’m listening to my heartbeat and I remember how it felt as it was brushing against my skin, so I just had to masturbate with it. It was everything and more – it was yummy, yummy, yummy.

Looking After Yourself. How Ramona Balances Health and Wellbeing With Her Work

Ramona knows that it is essential to maintain a good work-life balance, in order to care for herself when she is not in front of the camera. She always gets up very early in the morning and writes down what she hopes to manifest, which she believes is the ideal way to start the day. She takes the time to look at the things she needs to do, and prioritize them throughout the day. She also tells us that it is important to eat well, and she ensures she has three good meals a day, and never misses. She reminds us that in order to do well as a content creator, you should never be hungry and you should always get enough sleep. Ramona says that sleeping and organization are the perfect combination for the body and the soul.

Question: Imagine you have a magic camera that can capture any fantasy scenario. What would your first shot be?

Ramona Flower: If my video camera was a magic camera, that would be so cool, as I could record any fantasy that I have. And there is one thing that springs to mind, and it’s something quite extreme, but it would be very exciting. I would also have to make sure that it is captured on video too, since I can only imagine how that would look from the ground. You see my fantasy is to jump from an aircraft with a parachute on, but to jump with someone else and we are fucking as we begin to jump. So the camera records the exact moment that he penetrates me as we jump – oh my god, that would be amazing!

Thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy this little interview.

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