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Meet the Hosts of Dirty Perv Week and Naked and Uncut Hedonism, Jamaica

Meet the Hosts of Dirty Perv Week and Naked and Uncut Hedonism, Jamaica

As we gear up for the thrilling Naked and Uncut Hedonism Event, we continue to spotlight three remarkable women who will be joining our winners on this adventure. Dirty Perv Week will be hosted by award-winning actress Carey Riley and rising star Elana Bunnz and will also take part in Naked & Uncut. From Elana’s modeling career and passion for travel to Carey’s captivating journey in the entertainment industry and Laura’s extensive experience as a creator and host, these ladies bring a wealth of charisma and expertise to this extraordinary event. Alongside them Laura Desiree and Frankie Kennedy will be hosting Naked & Uncut events during this fabulous week. 

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Learn more about these beautiful women and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with sensuality, exploration, and pure hedonistic content.

Elana Bunnz is a spirited individual hailing from Ohio and currently residing in Miami, exudes a love for both work and play through her frequent travels. With a modeling career spanning 6 years, she has graced the pages of prestigious publications like Playboy, Hustler, and Inked Magazine, among others. In 2020, Elana ventured into the realm of OnlyFans, and in August 2022, she took a leap into the adult industry. Since November 2019, she has also been actively involved in hosting captivating lifestyle parties in collaboration with iOS Connections. Personally, Elana and her partner thoroughly enjoy attending these remarkable events orchestrated by iOS Connections. During her downtime, you’ll often find her jetting off to tropical destinations, discovering new culinary delights, or savoring the smooth taste of tequila.

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Twitter:  @xxxebunnz
Instagram: @bunnzbackup

Carey Riley is the captivating neighbour you’ve always dreamed of having. Originally from New York and currently residing in Florida, she has a passion for exploration, embarking on adventures both near and far. In 2010, at the age of 40, she began her career in the entertainment industry, gracing the pages of Score Magazine, working with Reality Kings and Vivid Entertainment, among others. In 2014, Carey and her husband received the prestigious AVN award for Best Amateur Release, thanks to their captivating production “Meet the Riley’s.” Renowned for their exceptional party-hosting skills, Carey and her husband, through iOS Connections, organize the most unforgettable nationwide events. After a hiatus of seven years, Carey is making a comeback, eager to regain her fitness and bring you a blend of fetish content and alluring experiences. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey ahead.

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Twitter: @careyriley4u
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Laura Desiree, known around the world as “The Big City Kitty”, a nod to her days performing and hosting Burlesque events in some of the world’s most illustrious cities. Her performing career began on the bar tops of New York’s Lower East Side as an all-night Go-Go dancer and party promoter. After relocating to Toronto, Canada, Laura produced weekly erotic, live cabaret shows as the Creative Director at the infamous Candyland nightclub. In 2017, Laura joined the legacy TV/ Web Series Naked News as the show’s lead anchor and segment producer. She has captured an archive of Red Carpet adventures at some of the adult industry’s biggest award shows, interviewed celebrities in intimate settings and traveled the world with sex-positive enthusiasts. Laura hosted CAM4 Radio’s breakout podcast series “A Mouthful with Laura + Romi” alongside pornstar Romi Rain as well as her own podcast series CAM4’s “Licked & Loaded”. Laura aims to explore the endless expressions of pleasure-seeking in her content and enjoys her weekly hosting of the CAM4 Happy Hour multi-cam gameshow broadcast. Laura has graced the cover of HUSTLER Magazine in TWO Iconic editions- the 2022 Anniversary Issue and the April 2023 “420 Edition”

Connect With Laura Desiree:

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TikTok: @lauradesiree66

Frankie Kennedy’s modeling and a passion for embracing her sexuality is passionate about her calling within the industry. From the early days of runway and posing, to her venture into implied and nude modeling, she has always been comfortable in her own skin. When the opportunity to audition for Naked News came knocking, Frankie eagerly accepted, and opened doors to a lifestyle of exploration and adventure. With a captivating face and an uninhibited nature, Frankie is ready to bring her unique energy to Hedonism II.

Connect With Frankie Kennedy:

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Naked News: @frankiekennedy
Twitter @itsfrankiek
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