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Inspiring Insights: Veteran Police Officer Shifts to Content Creation

Inspiring Insights: Veteran Police Officer Shifts to Content Creation

Welcome to the delightful and sultry Bianca – aka Fitcougar. A mature webcam model with a big personality. This French-Canadian content creator loves to enjoy herself in front of the camera.  She is a true wonder woman. A veteran police officer, she retired to focus on her online content career. In an interview with Fox News she tells all about how she switched from law enforcement to the adult entertainment industry, in order to fulfill a lifestyle change.

Fitcougar has been an adult cam creator for over 11 years, and has never taken herself too seriously. She is well known for her popular shows, particularly those involving many guests. Her outgoing persona ensures that her viewers are provided with a variety of different shows. In fact, you never know what’s coming from one day to the next – it’s always a big surprise!

Fitcougar describes herself as a ‘One of a Kind’ creator.

Her biggest turn ons include mature and charming men, who can seduce her with both words and oral pleasure. Making out in public, she enjoys knowing that someone could be watching. Fitcougar has an amazing athletic body, which she has maintained by keeping herself healthy both physically and mentally. Be sure to tune in regularly to watch this self proclaimed cougar.

CAM4 recently interviewed Fitcougar

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please let us know who you are, how long you’ve been camming, and your experience with the platform so far.

My CAM4 username is Fitcougar, and my real name is Bianca. I am 61 years old and I’ve been camming for 11 years, and I’m just loving it. I remember when I started, I said to myself, “my gosh, this is fabulous, why didn’t I start sooner?” It’s that feeling of performing. You’re not on stage, but you are performing in your living room. I just love the energy, and I keep telling the viewers that they’re addictive. They keep me there entertaining them, even when I need to go, then another 45 minutes has passed and I’m still there. I just love that.

What’s your style on cam, and how do you change things up to give your viewers something different?

I love to bounce my boobies, I think that’s my thing. Of course the more you’re on cam, the more you will want to innovate, but in a way that it will be specific to you. I have these little placards with me, such as a sign with ‘ME’ on it. When I stream with others, I will use them as part of the show to answer questions, such as ‘who has the best dress or the best shot’, and I can hold up the sign for people to vote for me! That kind of thing makes people laugh.

I also started something I’ve never seen elsewhere. When I’m with somebody else and they ask us to kiss, we put a song on for 2 or 3 minutes to create a longer ‘making out’ session. The viewers really enjoy that, and it’s something I’ve not seen anyone else do before. You have to try to innovate and make it fit for you. I try to vary where I stream, or my storyline, because if I’m sitting in one place for a long time, I get bored, and the viewers get bored with the same background. In this situation I change my settings, or I try to work somewhere else.

It’s not always perfect because as creators we are sitting for a long time. Sometimes that can be as much as 3, 4 or 5 hours. I did a show recently that was 7 hours long, and I’ve even done 10 hours, although I wasn’t alone. I was with two other girls, and we were all troopers.  The passion for the shows creates excitement. The viewers get excited, which makes us excited, and so everyone’s happy and having fun. That’s the way that I do it. I try not to prepare my shows in advance too much, because I’m very spontaneous. When I’m together with my friends it’s a lot easier, as they’ve got ideas, I’ve got ideas, and so it just flows.

Tell us about your approach to self-promotion and marketing, in order to gain an audience that doesn’t know of you.

The way that I get people into my shows is to use social media. I use Twitter a lot, and I also use Instagram, but they are very vanilla, although they are curious. Of course they know what I do, even without me having to say it. On Twitter I’ve started to do little video clips from my camming. I use an editor who’s super good at creating little snippets of funny stuff. I never take myself seriously, ever, it’s too boring. That’s how you keep yourself young.

How do you get your viewers to interact with your shows?

In terms of getting them to throw tips, it is very much down to the individual viewer, as they are all different. But in general terms, it comes down to personality. To get to know them and understand every message is really important. I try to read everything and respond to everybody, and be personable. But don’t just type to people, talk to them, exchange, and work with your toy, because the toy is the winner. Any toy that helps you down below, is something that they love.

The other important point is that you can’t just sit there. At some point you’re going to ask yourself – what should I do? But don’t just give things for free in your shows. If someone is being generous, then it’s ok to give something back, if they are just shooting away tokens. Then you can do something, even if they didn’t ask for anything, and they just wanted to make you happy.

Are you able to identify when there’s a need to refresh, or just take time out to recoup?

One key thing for me is, I never go on cam in a bad mood. I never go on cam if I’m not feeling the vibe. If I sit down and start doing my thing, and I’m not feeling it, I know I’m better off skipping the show. I’ll just skip and apologize to my audience that my patience is a little thin that day. That’s how I gather myself. If I’m in a good mood, or I planned the show the day before, then I will tell myself to “get your butt ready, you’re going on cam.”

If I have guests, which I often do, then it’s easier because it’s all planned. I know when they’re coming and when we’re going to be streaming, and how long for. Then afterwards, I will go on my phone and play a little game to cool down. Sometimes we might be hungry and we will grab some food and talk about the show. Particularly if it’s been a good show and we are all hyper. Once everyone leaves, and I’m alone with my dogs, I can just sit down, have a drink and relax.

Please let everyone know where to find you, both on CAM4 and on social media as a whole.

For CAM4, my username is Fitcougar, and you can find me on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. All of my links are provided below, it’s really easy to find me!



CAM4 Profile: @Fitcougar

Recorded Content: MyShop

Twitter: @fitcougar50

Instagram: @fitcougar_original

TikTok: @fitcougarcb