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Inked_Val: Influencing the Creative World With Her Provocative Performances

Inked_Val: Influencing the Creative World With Her Provocative Performances

Presenting Inked_Val, your tattooed horny temptress and the creator you will want to watch this Halloween season. Val is a big lover of cats, rock music and the arts. Her favorite food is pizza – then again, who doesn’t love a good pizza! A seductive creator, you will soon be under her spell, in ways that will leave you craving for more. Her unrestrained content includes a plethora of body play and worship, including twerking, footfetish and dancing. She is passionate about finding new ways to get pleasure, although she does have an obsession for pantyhose. Her ultimate joy is playing with her ass, the one part of her body she worships above all. Val is on a journey to find new people to play with, and is looking forward to enjoying lots of fun. Click here now to discover more about this devilish creator.

Confidence and Self-Expression. How Life Lessons Have Helped Shape Val’s Career

Val tells us that being an adult content creator has helped her tremendously to become much more self-aware. She knows that it is part of one’s nature to learn and understand that the people behind the screen are watching what you do, because they really like it. So if you accept that, you will recognize that they are validating it, because they enjoy it just as much as you do. She says that this allows you to know that it is worth it. Besides which, creating content has helped her a lot by getting to know herself, which has greatly improved her confidence and self-esteem. Val also tells us that it is most important to achieve whatever you set your mind to and to know at times, it’s not always easy to constantly create content.   What you have to remember is that this is something that requires a lot of discipline.  She knows that if she can be happy doing what she likes to do, and she can make a living from it as well, then it is what will truly make her happy.

Question: What’s your go-to playlist for getting in the creative mood?

Inked_Val: It depends on the type of content I want to create. Personally, I really like to play ‘This Is Deftones’ because I think Deftones is a great band, and their music is very erotic. My particular favorite of theirs is ‘Needles and Pins’. I also really like to listen to a playlist called “Sexy Metal”. This playlist includes lots of different bands, such as ‘Nine Inch Nails’, or ‘Marilyn Manson’, or perhaps some ‘Malevolence’, bands like that.

Expect the Unexpected. Creating Content with the Most Unusual Items

During her interview, we asked Val about some of the most unusual everyday objects that have become the centerpiece of her content creation, and she came up with some very unexpected items. First off, she tells us about how she used a cucumber during her show. Now whilst that may seem fairly straight forward, we are still not sure about how she managed to turn an eyelash and some ginger juice into some hot adult entertainment. Of course, like many others, food analogies are helpful to identify the style of their work. She tells us that she describes herself as a lemon tart, because it is sweet, sour and wet – yum!

Question: Share a “secret feature” that makes your content unique and special.

Inked_Val: I really enjoy creating content, which means that I don’t have to force myself to do it. This is definitely one of the greatest aspects that I love the most. I like to think about how horny the person viewing is going to get, when they are watching the content I create. I also love to play with sensations and with textures, because I like to know how they are going to awaken the excitement in the other person. This is what I really love, and so these are the secret features that I have for my content creation.

Equal Representation. Advocating for Inclusivity and Diversity in the Industry

Val is very proud of the fact that her work allows her to connect with a diverse and supportive community. She shares with us that it is no secret that in the field of content creation, there is a lot of diversity. This is because there are many different tastes, and many different people, both creators and viewers. Her content variety means that she can interact with lots of different people, meaning it is like a support network between herself and her fans. Taking advantage of the fact that her content is a specific niche,, she knows that there are people who are paying attention to what she says and does. She always speaks of tolerance and respect toward others, which she can do directly from within her content, and this is very noticeable. Val is a firm believer that you can, in some way, have an immediate impact on others not just through your content but through communication. 

Question: What advice would you give to others who want to use their creativity to inspire and uplift others while creating adult content?

Inked_Val: Well I think that the most important thing to remember is that you have to enjoy it. You have to enjoy it a lot, and not feel that you have to force yourself to create content. You don’t want to create content that you don’t feel comfortable with, particularly when you start out in this industry. When I first started making content, I found myself saying that I have to do this or that. You think about the type of content that is already established, and you feel that your content should follow these examples. If you don’t, it will look like you don’t really have any desire or enjoyment about your work. You feel that it is more about fulfilling the expectations of the viewer, rather than enjoying it. Then you realize that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. You should only do what you feel comfortable doing, and this will help focus the love and care you place within each piece of content.

Resilience and Strength. Overcoming Challenges to Become a Compelling Creator

In her spare time, Val loves nothing more than taking part in sports. In fact, it is one of the ways that she sustains a healthy lifestyle, which in turn helps her to be a good content creator. She knows about the importance of self-care, and the influence that has on ensuring she maintains a good work-life balance. Because of her passion for sports, she spent quite a long time debating to practice martial arts. This was mainly due to her being afraid that she wouldn’t be mentally strong enough for the challenges that this type of sport has. However, she tells us that she has now been practicing the sport for three years, and she feels overjoyed at her decision to take it up. She believes that this has helped her to become much stronger today, both physically and mentally. She is keen to point out that it is vital to balance all aspects of her life, both in her personal life, and as an adult content creator. By overcoming challenges, Val has emerged stronger and more resilient, which enables her to share more time with her family. She advocates the importance that you have to give to each and everything that you do, and never underestimate yourself. 

Question: Can you share a heartwarming story of how your content has helped someone embrace their own sexuality or body positivity?

Inked_Val: There are many beautiful people who, by paying attention to established standards, fail to see the beauty they have. It is super nice when a fan takes the time and effort to show himself to you, as he is natural. At that point, you realize just how this increases their confidence. In all honesty, this is really nice as it also allows you to be able to interact with people, and tell them how beautiful they are. This is particularly important if the person has body conscious issues.   After all, everyone has an inner beauty that they don’t always see in themselves. This means that when you interact with them, and tell them how beautiful they are, both physically and in their personality, they feel much better. Don’t forget that sometimes we are very afraid to think of our desires or our fetishes, so it’s nice when someone tells me their fantasies and I can listen to them, without any kind of prejudice.

Creative Perception. Channeling Individuality to Spread Positive Energy

Val is a firm believer that you should always be yourself when creating content, and enjoy your body. She says that you should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. One of the most rewarding pieces of feedback she ever received from a fan was when they told her that they feel close to her when watching her live shows or recorded videos. She doesn’t hold back from telling us how much that comment meant to her. She tells us that whenever she creates new content, it is alway her intention for everyone to feel like they are a part of what she is doing. By working this way, she can transmit her charisma through her content, seeking to surprise and delight people, making them happy and content.

Question: What’s the funniest blooper or mishap you’ve encountered while creating content?

Inked_Val: Well, there was this one time where I was touching myself, and I was sprawled across an office chair. It was one of those where it has wheels on it, and my butt was very much towards the front of the chair. Then, when I sat up straight, because I was on the edge of the chair, it rolled and I fell on the floor. But the funniest thing of all, was that the sex toy I was using at the time, flew through the air thanks to the pressure created when I fell. And, of course, all of it was recorded, so I will never be able to forget about it.

Thank you, I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with me.

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