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Hot Housewife Next Door: Kelly the Cum Queen is Leading the Way in Roleplay

Hot Housewife Next Door: Kelly the Cum Queen is Leading the Way in Roleplay

If you’re looking for content that’s fresh and original, look no further than KellyCumdmplife. In the world of adult content creators, this self-proclaimed Cum Queen is not your average cam girl next door. Kelly the ‘slut wife’ has all the right curves in all the right places, and loves to dabble in roleplay. She is sure to be the MILF of your dreams.

Kelly is open and proud of her sexy slut life – feel free to ask her anything!

Kelly is a hot wife who is known to her viewers as a ‘cum whore’ – and she’s very proud of it. Her freaky sexlife is her biggest turn on, and she loves to share it with her fans, whilst meeting new people and making new friends.

Watching her shows is an exhilarating experience, and her repertoire of toys and lingerie provide that all important spark of salacious creativity. Kelly loves to share everything with her viewers, and her scintillating shows are guaranteed to turn your fantasies into reality. Buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride with the sensational KellyCumdmplife.

CAM4 recently interviewed KellyCumdmplife

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you like to do as a cam creator.

Hi folks, I’m KellyCumdmplife from CAM4 and it’s awesome to be here. As the name suggests, there’s not much I don’t like doing when on cam. I love people watching me – it really turns me on. I just love to get into the zone when I know people are in my room. My shows are a mix of solo and couple shows, and occasionally I will do a three-person show. My viewers really love my shows and it’s a lot of fun doing them. I do like to change things up a little bit, so sometimes I will do theme shows. I recently did a food show where I used a blow up paddling pool in my living room and had lots of fun getting messy! 

How do you go about gathering new fans and viewers – What’s the approach to promoting your upcoming shows?

The main influence here is that I have a profile with every social media site there is. This allows me to advertise on sites such as Twitter and Instagram, giving viewers details of when my shows are going to be on CAM4, so everybody knows when I’m online. I also have an ‘All My Links’ page, which includes a link to CAM4 so people can come straight to my room. Also, I’m very open about what I do, and so a lot of my viewers are actually made up of people who know me and know what I’m like, including those from the fettish scene. I do like to try and spend a lot of time online, because the longer you’re around, the more chance you have of meeting new people who just stumble into your room. Also, I do get a confidence boost from camming – it makes me feel really good about myself, and I’m proud to be a cam creator.

Camming requires lots of time and effort, with varying levels of activity. When you’re hosting your shows, how do you gather and maintain excitement?

Firstly, I’m always in a positive, upbeat mood. I think that’s important for you to keep the room going, a bit like lighting the fire under your own room. I like to get up and move about, and dance around. I’ll move the camera to different places, and I even move the furniture around. I like to just keep moving and keep the positive mood upbeat as much as I can. I like to play music during my shows, as it is a lifesaver when you’re camming, especially when there’s very little interaction. I like to turn on some music and feel the vibe, which in turn reaches out to the viewers themselves. I’ve even made a playlist just for camming.

How do you gather tips in a cam show – How do you get the viewers to give you tokens, and how do you incentivize it?

One thing I do utilize a lot is the chat box, giving out little reminders to check out the tip menu. Next, I like to use the games, such as the ‘Roll the Dice’ game, allowing people to tip to roll the dice and win a prize. I also like to challenge people on what number they might roll, based on what the prize could be. Of course you don’t know what you’re going to get, which is the real fun of the game. Another way is to start off by setting small goals, and then leading up to a big goal. If people see you have a smaller goal, they will come into your room because they don’t think it’s an impossible goal. All in all, there’s always something going on, and I try not to ever have anyone just waiting around and not doing anything.

What do you do to gather yourself in preparation for camming, and then at the end of a show, what tips do you have for returning yourself back to your life off-cam?

I like to stick to a schedule, that way it’s easy for everyone when I stick to the same show. For instance, I like to do my solo shows on the same days, and my couple shows on the same days. That way, when I wake in the morning, I know what show I’m doing that day, and I’m prepared for it. I always start my mornings the same way, I shower and do my hair, and I’m always playing music. I always play music the whole time I’m getting ready, even when I’m doing my makeup and picking out my outfits. I pick out one or two outfits in case my show gets boring. By doing that, I can switch my outfit and come back. I never really used to prepare myself with all that girly stuff, but now I like to do my hair and put on makeup and put on outfits, and it feels really good. It makes me feel more confident about myself, and I’m always really happy when I’m ready to go do the show.

For most of my shows, I will normally be on for a few hours, so afterwards I’m usually pretty tired. My routine is to put my hair up and then put on my PJs, and go relax or watch TV. I also like to send thank you’s to people that were at my show, so I will spend a little time doing that too. Getting rest after a show is very important, because I have done burnouts before. When that happens, it means being off cam for too many days in a row, which makes it difficult for you. You can’t keep up with camming if you’re exhausted, and that’s why I like to stick to a schedule.

Please let everyone know where they can find you online, and anything else they need to know about connecting with you in the virtual space? 

You can find me on CAM4 under my username KellyCumdmplife, and all my social links are shown below. I’m on cam on Tuesdays at 2pm EST, and Friday & Saturday nights at 9pm EST. I look forward to welcoming you all to my shows, and I really appreciate your support.



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