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Go Beyond The Deck with Vanna Faye: An Unforgettable Yachting Experience, Reality vs. TV

Go Beyond The Deck with Vanna Faye: An Unforgettable Yachting Experience, Reality vs. TV

Vanna Faye, a spirited traveler and seasoned cam creator, shares her riveting escapades and experiences on the illustrious reality show, Below Deck: Down Under. With a playful spirit and a thirst for adventure, Vanna Faye takes us on a whirlwind excursion through her most daring experience into the cam world while discussing her adventures across the globe. From sipping tequila shots infused with a real scorpion in Mexico to navigating the uncharted waters, Vanna Faye’s narrative is one of resilience, empowerment, and a quest for authenticity. She breaks down preconceived notions about the adult entertainment industry and offers an intimate glimpse into this world.

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In this exclusive interview, we unravel the layers of Vanna Faye’s captivating persona, where reality TV meets genuine self-discovery.  She is bold, she is beautiful, she is magnificent.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done while traveling?

The most adventurous thing I’ve done while traveling would be during a trip I took to Mexico.    I did a scorpion shot. It’s tequila with an actual real scorpion inside of it. It’s horrifying.

Do you prefer traveling solo or with a group? Please tell us why.

I prefer to travel solo. I’m more of a person to just go explore and see things on my own. I’m always doing what I like and not what other people like to do during a trip. Maybe I’m selfish, but that’s how I like to travel.

Have you ever visited a place that completely exceeded your expectations? What was it and what surprised you the most?

The best place I’ve ever traveled which exceeded my expectations is probably Mérida, Mexico. They have a lot of Spanish style architecture (if you’re into that stuff like I am like) and old textiles.  It’s got a lot to offer.

What made you decide to join CAM4 on this adventure with Below Deck?

I decided to take this trip because I just became a single parent and was breastfeeding five times a day. I mean…probably more than that.   I was working full time and was just exhausted.  I needed to get out of the house and experience everything I can.  I decided to go all the way around the world.

Can you describe your experience on the yacht overall?

I loved the experience. I thought the experience on the yacht was awesome. I was kind of surprised by the size at first, it felt smaller than what I had expected, but realized that there were so many people on board which made it feel like smaller that at first.   There was a camera crew roaming around, employees, and then the 6 of us.

There was a lot of people on the boat, so it felt a lot smaller than what you would typically think of seeing on the TV show.  Just to note, the yacht was not small at all. Trust me, it was big.

Reality is different than when you see things on TV. Overall, my experience was incredible.

Let’s talk about CAM4 for a minute. What initially drew you to CAM4 and your decision to be a CAM4 coach?

My journey to CAM4 is kind of funny.  I mentioned in another interview that I was dating a guy in Saint Louis, Missouri, and didn’t date him very long.  One day he came to my house and was like, what do you do? My response was … “Oh, a bartender”.

His response” You don’t have all this stuff being a bartender. Bartenders don’t work like this”.  Instantly, I knew.  I said “Well, no, I had my own company which closed a couple of months ago.   However, it was successful.”

Thinking I have given him the answer he was looking for, he then said “Well, what do you do with your spare time? Are you like a cam girl?”

The second he said that I thought “What the hell is that?” That night I Googled- What is a cam girl?  The first thing that popped up was CAM4.com. After researching for a little bit, I created an account and chose my creator name, Vanna Faye. I bet you are asking, how did I come up with that name? Well, I thought to use the name I thought was most beautify, my dog’s name.

After maybe four years of camming, one of the head coaches asked me to join their team.  I said, sure.  Once I joined, it’s been history ever since.   I then started coaching all the time and eventually became the only coach for North America.

Let’s talk about what sets CAM4 apart from every other web cam community, in your opinion?

In my opinion, what sets CAM4 apart from all the other companies out there, would be the platform contests that we have. Of course, I am biased. However, I created on the site for so long and love the community. The fans are super great.   All of the users are supportive, and they remember you forever.

I can always see the number of people in the live shows.  They are real people from all over the world.  They purchase tokens, spend money on my shows, and send gifts.  What else do I love? I love a lot of things about CAM4, I’ve been with the company for so long and from two different sides of it.    Once a creator, and now a coach.   I love working here.

How do you balance your personal life with your CAM4 life?

The way that I balance my work and my home life is basically like managing a five-ring circus. I throw everything in the air and whatever I can catch is what sticks. I have a baby; a small little human.   Because of that, I’m a mom all day everyday.

I work about 6 hours a day, five days a week (sometimes I work more).  Whenever I can fit it in, I do. I have a very particular work schedule, so that I can have the home life that I want and what works for me.

Talk to me about how your life has improved, how has CAM4 benefited you on a financial level or an emotional satisfaction. How has CAM4 made an impact?

CAM4 has really impacted my life in a lot of ways. In 2016, I had a brain injury, with that injury came meningitis and I lost mobility over half of my body.  I lost my speech and a whole lot of other things that sucks for someone to go through. My symptoms mimicked the same symptoms of a stroke.

I ended up selling the company that I had built since I was 26 and when I started camming, I didn’t really have a specific plan, however, I kept receiving opportunities to grow more as a model and as a content creator. I took those opportunities, and I ran with it.  One thing I do have is an incredible work ethic and drive.

I was tired of living in St Louis. So, I told myself, “Vanna, if you can make X amount of dollars every single month, you’re going to move yourself to Cancun”. This I have accomplished.  I was still a model. I was still streaming.  and I had moved myself to Cancun.   I continued being a creator and will hopefully do it for another few years.

I have built this incredible life, that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t work with CAM4. I have had all these doors open for me on a corporate level.

We talked a lot about being involved in adult and sex work. And you’re trying to break down a lot of the myths and understandings of our industry. Why did you choose to share your story on Below Deck: Down Under? Why do you think it’s important that content creators in the adult sphere are known by the public?

I think it’s important that the public finally start to realize that sex is a business.  That the adult industry is something real and that there are real people inside of it.  Those real people are working.

I think there’s this stigma that sex workers are just people who take other people’s money, or people who prey on men that are weak…something along those lines.

I don’t know the words I’m searching for, but the stigma around the adult industry never seems to go away.   Everyone that that I know in the industry are very real and ultimately normal people.

Some of us have families and some of us have brothers and sisters that we have dinner with every Sunday night. We walk our dogs and there’s nothing outrageous about us. We simply chose a path that we found to be more lucrative than others and made the decision to take that leap.

Let readers know one word to describe your experience on Below Deck: Down Under?

Grateful. I’m grateful to have had this experience. I think there could have been some ways in which this experience may have gone wrong, but ultimately that did not happen with a whole group of people over the course of 9 days.  I think all of us got closer to each other in different ways and all of us have memories that will last a lifetime. It was great!

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