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CAM4 Launches Top Tag Madness

CAM4 Launches Top Tag Madness

‘Tis the season for an exciting bracket tournament! We’ve added 16 fun gifts to the Top Tag category; one for each tag in the tournament. CAM4 users can vote for their favorite tags by sending these gifts to performers.


The last tag standing will be crowned Top Tag 2020 – an extremely prestigious (and made up!) honor.


How to Play: 

Help your favourite tag reach victory!

Here’s how to do it:Visit your favourite performer’s profile

Click on the ‘Send a Gift’ tab, which will take you to this page:

Search for & send the gift that represents your favourite tag

Every gift sent earns its corresponding tag one point towards advancement in the tournament.

After each round, we’ll tally how many times the gifts we sent and announce the winners of each match up.

Will #blowjob beat spank? Will #hairy exit early? Will #ass be the David to #squirt’s Goliath? You decide!

Vote early. Vote often. 


Follow the tournament of CAM4.com