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Unveiling Frankie Kennedy: Embracing Pleasure, Liberation, and Naked & Uncut.

Unveiling Frankie Kennedy: Embracing Pleasure, Liberation, and Naked & Uncut.

Pack your curiosity and get ready for an unforgettable experience with one of the winners of our Naked & Uncut Hedonism Contest, Frankie Kennedy.  With a background in modeling and a passion for embracing her sexuality, Frankie has found her calling in the industry. From the early days of runway and posing, to her venture into implied and nude modeling, she has always been comfortable in her own skin. When the opportunity to audition for Naked News came knocking, Frankie eagerly accepted, and opened doors to a lifestyle of exploration and adventure. With a captivating face and an uninhibited nature, Frankie is ready to bring her unique energy to Hedonism II.

You might be surprised to learn about her classical piano training and her upbringing on a farm. Get ready to join her on this wild journey and let Frankie show you the world of pleasure and liberation, through the Hedonism II event happening during ‘Dirty Perv Week’ in Negril, Jamaica.

Join her live tomorrow, Jun 20th at 7:30pm ET for a Naked News Live Q&A on Nakednewslive.com

Read Frankie’s full interview below:

1. How did you get into the industry? 

I’ve been modelling since I was in my teens, I worked at an agency as well teaching runway and posing etc. as well as an agent. I started doing implied and nude modelling when I was 18. I’ve always been a sexual person so when naked news slide into my DM’s to come for an audition I jumped at the opportunity. Naked news gave me my lifestyle insight as well by allowing me to travel to sexy exotic places! Like Hedo! Where I went for my first trip with Naked news! I have never looked back! 

2. What made you choose your travel guest / How did you meet? 

I met Jacqui through a mutual friend and anchor Madison Banes! But we were already social media friends and had supported each other on social media long before that!

3. What would you consider as your best asset / part of your body? 

My best feature I would say is my face. I have expressional smile and eyes and really good natural porn faces! 

4. What would you like people to know about you that would shock them?

I don’t think anything would shock anyone because everyone knows I’m an open book, I literally have nothing to hide! That’s why I work at naked news, the program with nothing to hide! But I would say people are surprised I’m classically trained in piano. And that I grew up on a farm.

5. What can we expect from your LIVE shows while at Hedonism? 

Lots of xxx content, fun sexy, g/g , B/g, and hopefully some orgies and group play ! 

6. What is on your sexual bucket list and what do you hope to cross off while in Jamaica? 

I actually already crossed my entire bucket list off! Lol however I wouldn’t mind trying to get DP, last time it hurt too much, there is use for smaller cocks after all! 

7. Where’s the wildest place you’ve ever had sex / craziest sexual encounter?

Under a waterfall, in the middle of a park in the daytime, behind a jiffy lube, and while driving! I don’t encourage that it was very dangerous 

8. Hedonism II caters to both “Prude” and “Nude” guests, which one are you?


9. Are you more of a Voyeur or Exhibitionist? 

More of an exhibitionist, but also, who doesn’t like watching? Hehe

10. You only have 3 things you can pack and clothes are not an option …what are you bringing?

Polaroid camera, lube, my motorbunny! 

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Connect With Frankie Kennedy:

CAM4 Profile: @frankiekennedy
Tempted Profile: @frankiekennedy
Naked News: @frankiekennedy
Twitter @itsfrankiek
Instagram: @frankiekennedytv


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