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The Provocative World Of Lil Moore. Hedonism’s Next Muse

The Provocative World Of Lil Moore.  Hedonism’s Next Muse

Introducing Lil Moore, a bold and adventurous spirit.  Immersed in the adult industry, exploring her passions and desires, her journey began in the mid-2000s.  Amidst her sexual bucket list, Lil harbors a desire for a BBG threesome, and perhaps Jamaica will be the place where her fantasies become reality. With her sparkling personality and captivating presence, Lil Moore is set to make an unforgettable impact at Hedonism II, straddling the line between prude and nude, embracing her exhibitionist side while cherishing the allure of teasing.

As we delve into Lil Moore’s world, get ready to uncover shocking facts about her diverse background, her delightful sense of humor, and her passionate pursuit of new experiences. Be captivated as she takes you to pleasure and adventure. 

Join her live tomorrow, June 21st at 7:30pm ET for a Naked News Live Q&A on Nakednewslive.com

Read her full interview below:

1. How did you get into the industry?

I first cammed in the mid 2000s for a local company as well as partaking in mutually beneficial arrangements for years while figuring out if I wanted to go pro! 

2. What made you choose your travel guest / How did you meet?

Avery Jane is someone I have admired on a professional level for some 9me. Not only has her work inspired me but her attitude and ability to overcome made me want to befriend her! I was creepy and hopped into the DMs which turned into a beautiful symbiotic friendship that I can never see my life without. I knew that meeting in a place like Jamaica for an event like Hedonism would not only fill both our professional cups, but our personal as well. 

3. What would you consider as your best asset / part of your body?

My best asset is my personality and sense of humour, but my fave part of my body is a tie between my hands and my legs! 

4. What would you like people to know about you that would shock them?
I studied law for 4 and a half years and used to be a live jazz singer. 

5. What can we expect from your LIVE shows while at Hedonism?
Humour most definitely and a zest for experiencing new things ;) 

6. What is on your sexual bucket list and what do you hope to cross off while in Jamaica? 
I have had a BBG 3 some on my list for a long time – maybe this will be the moment!

7. Where’s the wildest place you’ve ever had sex / craziest sexual encounter?

In a car, in a parking lot, by the local beach / myself and two friends were hanging out for coffee parked under a bridge and one thing led to another .. me and the gf from the situation still talk about it to this day!

8. Hedonism II caters to both “Prude” and “Nude” guests, which one are you?
Something in the middle! I love the tease! 

9. Are you more of a Voyeur or Exhibi9onist?
I definitely lean to the exhibitionist side 

10. You only have 3 things you can pack and clothes are not an option …what are you bringing?
My iPhone, toothbrush, and my XL bad dragon 

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Connect With Lil Moore:

CAM4 Profile: @lilmoore
Tempted Profile: @xlilmoore
Twitter @xlilmoore
Instagram: @xlilmoore


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