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USA female straight
yngsexycpl photo 4297949

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  • Gender:female
  • Member since:September 09, 2011
  • Last Broadcast:January 19, 2013
  • Sexual Preference:straight
  • Relationship Status:committed
  • Age: 21
  • Location: usa, USA
  • Spoken language(s):English
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Occupation: cam model
  • Smoke:yes
  • Drink:occasionally
  • Body Type:average
  • Body Decorations:earrings, body piercings
  • Hair Color:blonde
  • Hair Length:medium
  • Body Hair:shaved
  • Eye Color:blue

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sittingalone photo 3792958


Don't know if you all still get on here but thought I would try to get up with you all, message me if you do still get on here in cali now and will be heading to Vegas in the near future.

On July 27 13 @ 08:25AM

sittingalone photo 3792958


Sorry I missed you when you cam back on yesterday, waited around till 1 in the morning here and didn't see you come back. Maybe next time luv, really want a dinner date with the two of you when I come over to Cali.

On December 31 12 @ 10:23PM

jobyruss photo 7041965


You never came back. See you soon, u r awesome!!!

On December 26 12 @ 11:39PM

sittingalone photo 3792958


Hey someone is kicking me from your room, don't know who but they are and pissing me off

On October 9 12 @ 03:23AM

exodar1 photo 0


Hi in skype pvt show ?

On October 6 12 @ 11:18PM

flaguy28 photo 0


Cam is on..come peek and say hi..maybe we can arrange a pvt show??

On October 1 12 @ 04:48AM

sittingalone photo 3792958


one year today, have loved your show from the very first one!!!!!

On September 10 12 @ 03:08AM

sittingalone photo 3792958


Happy one year anniversary on CAM4, hopefully see you soon. Noticed I missed you all today, love you both!!!!

On September 7 12 @ 01:58AM

gernmitdir photo 5867250


hihi so funny couple :))

On August 30 12 @ 05:03AM

okiecpl2 photo 4694053


Cute couple, wish we could hook up

On August 23 12 @ 09:43PM

ronnismith photo 5139077


love being there with the both of you, if you wanna talk let me know messenger, ronnismith66@yahoo

On August 23 12 @ 09:07PM

mrturd1 photo 0


When are you going to get on again :)

On August 22 12 @ 07:49PM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


sorry supo! i dont usually ever ban unless some one is being rudeeeee, imm sorry!

On August 17 12 @ 01:33AM

supo photo 0


Why did I get banned. I usually never talk, and I wasn't the day I was banned. Also, I have tipped a few times before and generally will if i'm around for a while and no one tips.

On August 3 12 @ 02:31AM

piolin1980 photo 0


piolin1989@hotmail.es agregame baby tengo 23cm paraditos para ti

On July 31 12 @ 07:52PM

pistolwhip83 photo 6049521


thanks 4 the ban

On July 30 12 @ 12:21AM

Mikedw photo 0


Damn your horny when you smoke mimi

On June 13 12 @ 11:16PM

sittingalone photo 3792958


Damn Hot Sweetie in the pics really miss being able to mod and watch you and your hubby!!!! Luv you both

On May 19 12 @ 02:02AM

mrturd1 photo 0


I miss seeing your shows and modding for you!!!! I did enjoy the pictures you sent me though, you should send more :)

On May 4 12 @ 01:26AM

vj_shadow photo 5829681


skype jesusex22

On March 8 12 @ 10:18PM

sittingalone photo 3792958


Have watched you all since your first show on CAM4, Miss seeing your shows, hopefully one day will be able to catch you on here again. Luv you both and still dreaming of one day you all changing your mind and let me join you all.

On February 10 12 @ 06:55PM

toll123 photo 5794474


sexy ok my cam i dein freundelist ok cum of my freundelist kiss

On February 5 12 @ 12:01AM

boyy_sexy photo 0


ummm nice angel face have msn erosramazoti26@live.com or skype aliboygv4 HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

On November 29 11 @ 02:32AM

oicurok2 photo 0


Please give me email again so I can pay you!

On November 22 11 @ 03:29AM

manjcasot photo 4837288


check me out hun joselindshil_coolguy@hotmail.com SKYPE jc.drexel

On November 22 11 @ 02:31AM

bigsexygent photo 0


hey add me and my gf,,,, downhand69@yahoo.com on skype

On November 10 11 @ 03:34AM

natedog91 photo 4489436


male 20 uk you ok natedog91@hotmail.co.uk

On October 19 11 @ 04:30PM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


Connection Error! getting back on now and then again tomorrow

On October 19 11 @ 05:15AM

acouple8688 photo 0


add us acouple8688 @ skype (: 23 and 25 from austria

On October 19 11 @ 04:43AM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


kokris! i wrote down the wrong email. message me if you can on here. ill be on later with my bf too

On October 14 11 @ 05:35PM

arsloot photo 7265845


im glad im not the only one that does bong hits on cam ;) lol good show....maybe i could be that other woman.... this bitch is stupid. vvvvv

On October 8 11 @ 04:15AM

iluvsex69 photo 0


You guys are great on cam what do u have yahoo -djxslipnslide or hot mail djrayb69

On September 23 11 @ 06:30AM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


Did y'all enjoy last nights show? Did you like seeing me use that red vibrator on my tight pussy? We'll be doing another one tonight between 10:15pm-12am PST This show will feature more toys and if the price is right..... A GOLDEN SHOWER!

On September 22 11 @ 09:13PM

mikey_da_man photo 4483451


dammit missed the grat show i waited til 5:45pm pst lol maybe put the time of your next show on maybe i might see it if im lucky

On September 21 11 @ 02:16AM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


There will be a special FREE show with all of our naughty tendencies later today between 5PM PST - 7PM PST. This is due to making our goal last night and being way too tired to actually have sex, lol. It happens sometimes. Catch us tonight

On September 20 11 @ 08:20PM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


We were no where close to goal. We did more than was tipped and most of the show last night was for previous tips at an earlier show

On September 19 11 @ 05:05PM

michal_myers photo 4311691


you clicked off after u were tipped...you didnt do do anything in your goal box...

On September 19 11 @ 03:16AM

suave4u photo 0


add me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

On September 18 11 @ 03:59AM

yesmaam1980 photo 0


unban me plz

On September 16 11 @ 05:23AM

maturusty photo 4529532


you r great couple...my girlfriend would never have sex on cam...she is shy for things like this

On September 15 11 @ 07:05AM

cyric1262 photo 4134153


sorry i missed you...had to get some sleep...ill hit you up if you are on later on today...peace

On September 15 11 @ 05:08AM

strokerone photo 4559291


hot girl

On September 15 11 @ 03:07AM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


be back soon!!

On September 13 11 @ 02:02AM

lapa5 photo 4370126


what a hot girl!!!!

On September 12 11 @ 06:41PM

sweetmand photo 3203143


hey you thanks for the wonderfull view, you are amazing sexy love you hugs

On September 12 11 @ 06:40PM

Aerus photo 1708552


Sucks when rude people ruin it for everybody. I thought you two were good on cam. Try not to let rude chat trolls get to you. Just ban them or maybe appoint somoene to mod your chat while you both do your thing. I hope to see you both on cam soon. :)

On September 12 11 @ 05:19AM

TylerPaperST photo 0


how much for panties? whats your paypal email?

On September 12 11 @ 04:51AM

blueplay photo 0


add skype onlinesex15 pls

On September 11 11 @ 02:57AM

yngsexycpl photo 4297949


apologies for getting off cam so abruptly, need to be some where. offline tips will count towards next show, PM when private tip

On September 10 11 @ 09:19PM

usadea photo 0



On September 10 11 @ 06:47PM