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  • Gender:male
  • Member since:February 11, 2012
  • Last Broadcast:March 01, 2015
  • Sexual Preference:gay
  • Relationship Status:committed
  • Age: 23
  • Location: ...dam, Netherlands
  • Spoken language(s):English, German, Dutch
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Occupation: Blowjobs ?
  • Smoke:yes
  • Drink:socially
  • Body Type:slim/petite
  • Hair Color:blonde
  • Hair Length:medium
  • Body Hair:shaved
  • Eye Color:blue

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Hi guys (and girls offcourse;) )! We are here because we love it to enjoy you. Please stay at our show if you like what you see or just leave if you don't ... (FAQ's scroll downnnnnnnnnn)

Have to say, cam4 is like fun to us. A lot of fun ! In first place we are here because we have a great time here ... during our show we hope that we can entertain you and make you have as much fun as we do. Have to say, we are a little bit crazy ... hope you don't mind that ;-)

As you maybe noticed, we almost never put 'fucking' in our goal. In our opinion it's very difficult to get the cam on the right spot ... probably this is because the lacking of a cameraman ;-). As we only want happy tippers, we wouldn't like it that much if you couldn't see everything clear. In stead of putting 'fucking goals', we put some fucking hot fucking vids online. In that case you can see (AND hear) more action. So if you want to see us fuck, just ask for the vid.

(If you want to tip for vids, just send them during our online show (you can get goals with it too ;-)) and if we are offline, you can put them into our tipjar. Don't forget to put your e-mailaddress with it )

°° NEW °°  We put numbers to each of our vids, in that case it's a lot easier for us and faster for you lol. (yeah, we stole the idea from our local Chinese takeaway)

-----> First video package:

1: Huge Hans cum in bathroom ; (50 tokens)
2: Huge Hans cum, try to hit the oranges ; (50 tokens)
3: Steven cum in winefield ; (50 tokens)
4: Hans huge cum in winefield ; (50 tokens)
5: Nasty in the bed (cocks, playing, fucking and cum on Steven ass) (95 tokens).

If you want all of them, you get a little discount: 275 for the first package ...

----->  second video package

6: Hans Solo huge cum on the table  (50 tokens) ;
7: Steven cum over Hans ass  (50 tokens) ;
8: Fucking next to the swimming pool ( 95 tokens) ;
9: Fucking in the jacuzzi (95 tokens) ;
10: Long fucking hot fucking vid on the bed including cum over steven cock, steven plays with cum and explodes too (+- 11 minutes) (125 tokens).

390 for the second package ...

-----> Third video package:

11: Hans sunbathing, cum in garden(Hans tapes) (50 tokens);
12: Hans on bed england cleans the mess (Steven tapes) (50 tokens) ;
13: Steven on bed england cleans the mess. (Hans tapes) (50 tokens) ;
14: Visiting the wood: on a sunny afternoon we went to the woods and it turned out into a hot naked game. Hans fucking steven (almost busted), cum on a lucky tree :-)  (we both tape, Hans HUGE cum)  (+- 19 minutes) (150 tokens) ;
15: The two positions deep fucking vid, HUGE cumshot on Steven ass (Two positions, 'cameraman' tapes ;-) ?) (125 tokens) ;

If you want all our vids from the third package, you get a little discount too: 399 for package 4!

----->  Fourth video package

16: Our first sucking vid at Cam4: Hans gives Steven a too good blowjob ... steven cums accidentaly (65 tokens) ;
17: Lord of the (cock)ring Hans shoots HUGE cum over his body (65 tokens) ;
18: Steven helps Hans a hand (two huge cum shots over steven Cum Zone) ( 75 tokens) ;
19: On request: Hans takes our ass toy deep inside him, edging and cum his load ( 115 tokens) (+- 11 min) ;
20: Visiting private sauna with jacuzzi & swimmingpool: too much horny stuff to tell here ...  (195 tokens) (+- 26 minutes) (*);

(*) this video is one with a health warning, Sunblade (moderator) suggested to add this on the bio because this looks like very hot hard core porn to him (*)

Again a discount if you order them all.: 499 for the package

Fifth video package  (Asia-Files)

21: Naughty docking, fucking, two huge cumshots in front of a window on the 26th floor watching an Asian skyline. (215 tokens) (22min)
22: Our nice and private stay in a lovely Malayasian resort. Two huge cumshots in a tropical atmosphere. (115 tokens) (8min)
23: Steven shows you some hot and stunning fingerwork somewhere in an Asian hotel (55 tokens) (4min)
24: °° Finally on tape °° Steven fucking Hans (somewhere outside in the dutch dunes) and shoots in his ass. Hans cums wild too (234 tokens) (10 min)
25: Hans shoots massive load in steven's mouth. Steven swallows, licks his fingers and explodes too!  (Malaysian cameraman gives a discount cause his little distraction) (he got some spanking for that)) (155 tokens) (8min)

If you want all the 5 Asia Files, you get a discount too -> 747 tokens

** NEW ** ----->  Sixth video package  (French Files) <------- ** NEW **

26: Hans cum a huge load over Steven his freshly shaved cock (and belly and arm haha)  (50 tokens)
27: After I came my load over Steven, Steven helps himself with my cum as lube and explodes too (50 tokens)
28: Driving around in France looking for a nice vineyard, which we found. Hans fucking Steven, both cum on the grapes (+- 12 min)  (135 tokens)
29: Driveby shootings on a French highway. Driving 150 km/h and passing cars while preparing two cumshots for you all.  (+- 12 min)  (115 tokens)
30: On a cosy terrace outside steven Started sucking. Afterwards Hans fucked him silly and Steven his reply was to fuck Hans and fill his ass with cum. Finally Hans came a huge load too (a new favorite). +- 22 minutes (199 tokens)

If you are interested in the whole sixth package, the tip would be 499 in stead of 549 tokens.

** NEW ** -----> Sixth video package (French Files)  (total lenght +- 60 minutes) <------- ** NEW **

-----> Special vids

99: Hans edging manual(**): (at least 7 times edging with  his MASSIVE (at least 10 squirts)pornload result over the England Cumtowel)  ( 75 tokens) -->  The time of the vid is around 8 minutes so you can learn and study very well ;-)

-----> For those who can't get enough of us and wants them all:  2685 tokens for the whole list of (31!) vids ... <-----

Note as wel that we only send links to those who tipped the price of the video. That seems the most honest for you all. Also keep in mind that we don't show faces at our vids neither. You can see bare fucking, huge cumloads and hear moaning in stead. Some reviews are very nice and cummpliments you can find in our chat wall.  You'll see that we have a lot of happy tippers so don't be shy to join our happy tipper club too :-) hope you'll enjoy it !

If you don't want to miss anything out, just follow us on twitter. We'll let you know when we will perform, what new underwear we have, new toys we bought, ... Today we have already 970(!) followers so you can decide if it's worth or not. So don't hesitate to follow us as wel, it's just that easy :-)

-----> twitter:  2hotdutchgay

Reasons for ban: Advertising, being rude, demanding,and anything else that may annoy us or other viewers.Show respect, that's what we do too ...

(BTW, all these guys mentioned above will be rewarded with a kick or a bann ... but kind as we are, we or our moderators send them a ticket for our Titanic cruise as wel! If you see these users in our room, they are problably busy with moderating ...

Babybear24 (our moderating nurse) ;
I_am_dutch (our food show king ) ;
User1989 (our fleshlight show king) ;
Jaxx078 (ask him our shaving secret) ;
Gayjay2012 (our jacuzzi buddy boy) ;
Sunblade (top student in edging)

Please have a nice stay at our show!
XXX Hans & Steven XXX

FAQ about us:

--> How old are you?: Steven 24, Hans 23
--> Are you both gay? YES
--> Where you from? We are from ...Dam (very lovely place in the Netherlands)
--> Are you a couple?: yes we are
--> Are you real Step Bro's ?: yes but NOT blood related. Steven Mum is married to Hans  ***
--> Do your parents know? definatly yes
--> How is your parents reaction? Great, they love it that they found love and we did too because of them
--> Do you guys fuck?: OOH YEAH, both versa
--> Ever did 3somes?: yes we did (a lot but not with unknown people)
--> How big are you?: Big enough
--> Are you shaved?: yeah, we trim our pubes, Hans shaves Steven ass and Hans is naturally shaved there :-)
--> Do you live together?: yes, we share the same bed, clothes, house, ...
--> How long have you been together?: For almost 2.5 years by now
--> Do you show face? No, cause naughty people record this shows
--> Is this is a video ? No ... if you think so, just ask and we show you two fingers)

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blank May 11, 2013 Male Group
blank March 19, 2012 Male

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boydad photo 1778610


Welcome back julie twee zijn heerlijk and pragtig! Love sexy sweet in love couples, you remind me of the great bond I have with my man! Dankje lekkerdings!

Mar 1, 2015

euroyank photo 3324210


I tuned in just as you were finishing. But great to at least get a chance to say hi. Till next time!!

Sep 22, 2013

gulp0r photo 8621174


asses par excellence!!

Aug 31, 2013

geiledenny87 photo 7782243


Lekkere foto's boys ben er al vaak op klaar gekomen! :)

Aug 21, 2013

summitnl photo 5956031


hey guys, geile pics !

Aug 19, 2013

samuka121 photo 5546145


sexy boys i love you passiv boy :))))

Aug 18, 2013

norwegianlad photo 3026990


Nice guys :-)

Aug 10, 2013

cyclistinoh photo 3219265


These boys are not only HOT as hell, they pop into other rooms, comment and TIP! Well done boys.

Jul 30, 2013

2hotdutchgay photo 6764564


Thanks a lot for having a great show! Kroskris tipped for all our 26 vids and in this way we want to thank him another time! Hope you all loved the show.... thanks again! xx Hans & Steven

Jul 8, 2013

jlaker9 photo 0



Jul 6, 2013

2hotdutchgay photo 6764564


Whoep whoep! Amazing show! Steven fucked me for 4 times or so, came in my ass and afterwards I came over his cock! Thanks tippers and especially madness159, who tipped for all our 26 vids! Trust on us, you'll like them! xxx Hans & Steven xxx

Jun 29, 2013

2hotdutchgay photo 6764564


hi guys! Hope you're all fine? Very nice to see you care about us! And we do too! Soccer season almost over so expect us back soon :-)Thumbs up for our promotion of our first team! many kisses Hans & Steven xxx

Apr 23, 2013

dutchremco photo 3531622


ik mis jullie!!

Apr 19, 2013

thehornydee photo 7097772


amazing show dutchies :)

Mar 27, 2013

june86 photo 4293334


have you a mail for buy your vids?

Mar 25, 2013

horny_rus photo 6984348


steven en hans! gaat het? voeg me toe op skype: hornyrus

Mar 25, 2013

ceilana photo 7351326


love the labels on the profile pix, so cute.

Mar 23, 2013

bart23bart photo 0


mooi lekker manne ik wel een keer meee doen

Mar 23, 2013

adamsondvd photo 8626


miss you guys when you going to cam again

Mar 22, 2013

HORNY2ams photo 1443079


lekker en geil koppel

Mar 22, 2013

hockeykid_90 photo 6123608


Hey mates. How've you guys been?

Feb 22, 2013

Worcsbiboi photo 5173109


You guys are super hot! add me on skype Jamd26

Feb 20, 2013

gunslinger13 photo 3966062


sexy studs skypme

Feb 10, 2013

fiammaxx1 photo 7026309


skype: fiammaxx1 (italy)

Feb 10, 2013

baschradi photo 0


how to contact you?

Jan 4, 2013

HORNY2ams photo 1443079


WoW GEIL en FUCKING HOT duo. Zou ik graag tussen willen zitten, liggen, staan !

Dec 25, 2012

randyt1 photo 5867636


you nice pict baby

Dec 22, 2012

gayjay2012 photo 7742427


OMG you updated Picks with a vingance!

Dec 21, 2012

swedbilly photo 0


You two are nice :) Add me om Skype uffeboy

Dec 15, 2012

gayguygayguy photo 1865458


die dauerschlaffies schon wieder ......

Dec 15, 2012

omnination photo 0


if you've already bought a vid, but lost it, can you resend the link?

Dec 9, 2012

size_s photo 9204523


Echt genieten jongens, ik kijk regelmatig, maar kan me geen munten veroorloven. Heerlijk om kleine slappe pikkies te zien, is meestal veel geiler dan die xxl'en.

Dec 6, 2012

samuka121 photo 5546145


very sexy symphatik boy:))i love you passiv boy:))satya1214@hotmail.com

Dec 2, 2012

euroyank photo 3324210


Hi Hans and Steven, how've you been? I haven't see you on here in a while. See you soon i hope. take care you two!

Nov 28, 2012

dutchmartin photo 6185470


Hoi Hans en Steven. Goed om te lezen dat alles allright is met jullie. Toch schrik ik ervan dat er iets verdrietig is gebeurd in jullie familie. Wat het ook is, ik wens jullie sterkte. xxx Martin.

Nov 28, 2012

2hotdutchgay photo 6764564


Hi guys ! Nice to see that you really care about us! Trust on us, everything is allright here! Just have a cam4 break cause of holiday and some sad happenings in our family :-( We'll be back soon! Take care and keep yourself hard ! :-) xx H & S xx

Nov 26, 2012

euroyank photo 3324210


hey hans and steven, how you been? Haven't seen you in soooo long. come on back guys!! Thanks, from USA

Nov 23, 2012

phil81 photo 9457452


hello great hotties

Nov 21, 2012

ppkk440 photo 0


Hi guys, alles ok? Lang niet op cam gezien.......

Nov 20, 2012

nicevter photo 0


hope i will see you soon again!!! finally got the internet back and moved is done :) missed to chat with you both! The Deaf Guy ;)

Sep 21, 2012

_jacks_ photo 6257618


best 2 guys on cam4

Aug 27, 2012

2hotdutchgay photo 6764564


Hi there Ike, our visit at the private sauna extented cause the owner gave one our for free cause of steven birthday ... that's why we were a little late. Hope you enjoyed the late night show though! Kisses and hugs ! xx H & S xx

Aug 22, 2012

solitariobsx photo 6033181


waiting the birthday party....

Aug 22, 2012

lkepley photo 6516000


Hi didn't get to see you tonight, he must not have wanted to cam hope to see you tomorrow

Aug 22, 2012

hockeykid_90 photo 6123608


How's it going gents? :P

Aug 13, 2012

steviej69 photo 2075348


best 2 guys on cam4, magnificent. xxxx

Aug 4, 2012

gay_d_45138 photo 6052218


wow, gruß aus germany

Jul 29, 2012

pa_gay photo 3722787


send me a message for the sneakers and Vids

Jul 16, 2012

zak87 photo 7853633


great cam.. feel free to add my skype cor_18 :)

Jul 16, 2012

gayjay2012 photo 7742427


The edging video... I have precum like a faucet tho...., Which nmakes me hornier! But I can cum multiples? ...............................................................................

Jul 13, 2012


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Do you enjoy porn movies? yes ... cute boys who fuck and suck

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What is your favorite sexual fantasy? Sex with a lot of beautiful people ... somewhere at a sauna or jacuzzi.

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